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PA Update Years of Service

The PA Update Years of Service will be used as a way for a site to automatically update an employees years of service by 1 if they are an active employee.

To access the PA Update Years of Service, select the following menu path: Human Resources -> State -> State -> PA Update Years of Service. 

From this window you can selectively choose which employees you would like to update by selecting any one or all three selection in the window, 'Personnel Status', 'Primary Class' and/or 'Pay Group'. The program will then select all non-terminated employees according to the entered criteria and add 1 to the district years, state years and total years of service. Also, the employee activity log will be updated to show the change in years of service.

After clicking the 'OK' action, a window box will pop-up asking to confirm the update process.

Click the 'Yes' to continue the process or 'No' to stop the process. The program will then alert you to whether any records were updated.

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