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PA PSD Code Maintenance

This option allows you to query, add, maintain or delete PSD codes and their rates that have been added to the PSD Code Maintenance table. This function when updating a PSD code from one Local Tax Code to another will give you the option to update all employees' payroll records that have the same PSD code and Local Tax Code to be changed to the new Local Tax Code.

To access the PA PSD Code Maintenance window there are two ways either directly from the menu Human Resources -> State -> PA Local Tax -> PA PSD Code Maintenance or by going thru the Human Resources -> Reference Tables -> Payroll -> Local Tax Codes and then clicking on the action 'PSD Code Maintenance' in the ribbon bar. 

Maintaining the Data

From this window, the data may be updated, new entries may be added or records may be deleted. To add or delete entries to the table you must click on either the 'Plus' sign to add or the 'Trash can' to delete records. You can also print a listing of the selected PSD code by clicking on the 'Printer'. Enter the information as specified in the table below and click 'OK'.

Field Name


PSD Code

A six digit code representing the County, School District and Municipality


A 35 character description of the PSD code, recommend using state defined

Local Tax Code

A drop down box of existing local tax codes for selecting a local tax code to be used
as a default on the employee local tax screen.

Reference PSD Rate

A percentage used as a reference when assigning a local tax code to an employee.

The Local Tax Code and Reference PSD Rate fields require a value in one or the other, but not both. Once the 'Ok' icon is clicked and you are changing the 'Local Tax Code' from a non-blank value to another non-blank value you will be asked whether you would like to update all employees' with the current PSD code and Local Tax Code to the new Local Tax Code.

By clicking the 'Yes', all employees with the PSD code AND Local Tax code will be changed to the new Local Tax code as long as the new Local Tax code for the employee is valid. A report will be generated that will list all employees for the PSD/Local Tax code with a message if the employee was updated or not.

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