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PA Multiple Worksite Report

This option is used to calculate the total quarterly wage for all employees at each worksite and produce the PA Multiple Worksite Report.

To access the PA Multiple Worksite Report, select the following menu path: Human Resources -> State -> State -> PA Multiple Worksite Report.

Report Specific Set-up

Before the report is run, the user must ensure that the following item(s) have been performed.

  • Set up the 'State Required Window'

Setting up the State Required Window

Refer to the 'State Required Window' section for fields that need to be updated for the PA Mulitple Worksite Report.

Generating Reports and Files

Once you are on the main screen, to generate the PA Multiple Worksite Report, enter the 'Report Quarter' and the pay run(s) for each month that is to be included in the employee count and click 'OK'. The program will count all employees who received a check during the entered pay runs.

The total wages on the report are pulled from employee's total earnings for the quarter (payroll.tearn_q). Therefore, this report needs to be run before the quarter is cleared. The worksite is taken from the employee's base location (employee.base_loc).

Next select the destination for the report.

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