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PA Location PSD Code Maintenance

This option allows you to associate a building location to the 6 digit PSD code. This window give you the ability to query, add, maintain or delete any associations between a building and it's PSD code.

Skip this step if the Human Resources Profile screen for employee location type is "N".

To access the PA Location PSD Code Maintenance window select the following menu path: Human Resources -> State -> PA Local Tax -> PA Location PSD Code Maintenance. 

Maintaining the Data

From this window, the data may be updated, new entries may be added or records may be deleted. To add or delete entries to the table you must click on either the 'Plus' sign or the 'trash can'. You can also print a listing of the selected Location PSD codes by clicking on the 'printer'. Enter the information as specified in the table below and click 'OK'.

Field Name


Location Code

Select a work location code. Drop down box displays entries from either hrm_locn or regtb_building tables. This field is dependent on the value entered on the Human Resources Profile screen for employee location type.

You can map multiple Location Codes to a Location PSD Code.

Location PSD Code

Select the PSD code which identifies the municipality for the work location.

You can map a Location PSD Code to multiple Location Codes.

Tax Collection District Code

The two-digit tax collection district code.

Enter a leading zero for single-digit codes.

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