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PA Load Employee PSD and Local Tax Codes

This option will import and update PSD code and local tax information in employees' tax records. An audit log of the changes will be created and can be viewed through the employees' activity history. The file to be imported must be comma delimited and contain the Employee Number, PSD Code and Local Tax Code.

To access and import the PA Load Employee PSD and Local Tax Codes, select the following menu path: Human Resources -> State -> PA Local Tax -> PA Load Employee PSD and Local Tax Codes. The following window will display.

Report Specific Set-up

A comma-delimited text file is needed for the import with the following information.

Data Item




Employee Number

Employee Number assigned by the school district


1st element

PSD Code

PSD code assigned by the state


2nd element

Local Tax Code

Expenditure Amount


3rd element

Loading the Data

Enter the information as specified in the table below and click 'OK'.

Field Name


File Location

Client PC – indicates that the file is located on a local PC

Server – indicates that the filie is located on the PowerSchool ERP server

File Name

Depending on the 'File Location' chosen, either Windows Explorer screen will pop-up for you to select the file or you will have to enter the location on the PowerSchool ERP server and name of the file.

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