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PA Federal FICA/Medicare Report

This option will allow the user to maintain a federally funded organization chart and to print a federal fund FICA/MEDICARE report.

To access the PA Federal FICA/Medicare Report, select the following menu path: Human Resources -> State -> State -> PA Federal FICA/Medicare Report.

Report Specific Set-up

Before the report is run for the first time the user must enter the list of federally funded organization codes by clicking the 'Federal Fund' option from the ribbon bar on the main window.

The user can add or delete federally funded organization codes on this screen. The organization code entered must exist on the financial organization chart. Once the organization codes have been entered click the back button to return to the report screen.

Generating Reports and Files

Once you are back on the main screen, to generate the PA Federal FICA/Medicare Report, enter the quarter number, "from" date, and "to" date. Optionally, the user can enter any of the remaining fields in the report criteria section.

NOTE: The 'Issue Dates - From' and 'Issue Dates - To' dates are used in calculating the percentage used for the federal fund values. The exact calculation is:

federal total / (non-federal total + federal total) = %

Where the 'federal total' and 'non-federal total' are the sums of the detdist 'O' records for each type of organization. The percentage then is applied to the fiearn_q and mdearn_q fields in the payroll table to get the federally funded FICA and MEDICARE totals. The federally funded totals are then calculated by subtracting the federal totals from the fiearn_q and mdearn_q fields.

NOTE ON SUMMER FISCAL ACCRUALS: When Summer Fiscal Accruals are used there is an extra step in determing if an organization code is federally funded, as the organization codes and account numbers stored in the detailed distribution table (detdist) are changed. When a detailed distribution record indicates it is for summer accrual ("S" in detdist.redist field) the original organization code and account will be obtained from the summer detailed distribution table (sumdetdist), where they are stored by the summer accrual process. Then these original values used to compare against the list of federally funded organizations.

If the user selects to output the hard copy report and has permission to view social security numbers on reports, a message is displayed.

Select 'Yes' to print the Social Security numbers on the report, otherwise the Social Security numbers will be printed in the masked format. Next select the destination for the report.

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