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November 2022 Major Release -

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • Version 19.4
  • Version 20.11
  • Version 22.4

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-772641099 Processing for PA - DBA name is required when the Payee's Federal ID is not a Social Security NumberModifications have been made to the 1099 processing for Pennsylvania only. For Pennsylvania, if the Payee Federal ID is not a Social Security Number, then the DBA Name becomes a required field for reporting. To support this rule, an error log has been added to the Create 1099's process, which includes a warning message for PA districts when the Doing Business As (DBA) field is blank, and the Payee Federal ID is not a Social Security Number. A similar warning will also appear when adding or updating records.
EFIN-91601PA PSERS Defined Contribution Report not pulling voided check correctlyThe PSERS Defined Contribution load was corrected to ignore checks voided before issuing since they shouldn’t have been previously reported. Instead, an error message will be output warning the user that manual correction might be required if the check was previously reported. Additionally, when an employee’s totals are reduced to zero due to a void check, the user will receive a warning. At the same time, an all-zero record will be created to update the last reported date for the employee. This will stop the void check from being picked up again in subsequent loads.
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