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January 2024 Release - 20.11.66, 22.4.28, 23.10.3

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

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The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note


PA PIMS Report - Staff Template File will now report 0 when Salary is 0 on the PA PIMS Report - Employee Information page

In a previous customer ticket, a request was made to remove the leading zeros from the Salary field of the PA PIMS Report - Staff Template File. However, if the Salary field of the PA PIMS Report - Employee Information page for a particular report date was set to 0 from either the load or manual entry, the Staff Template File was reporting a blank instead of the single 0 and generating a Salary Missing error with the state. A correction was made to report a single 0 if the Salary field is 0.00. From the previous correction, other values in the Salary field will report the salary amount without leading zeros.


Corrected misleading report title and pop-up for PA Support Personnel Report

The title of a report pop-up message is now changed from Error to Attention, and the file has been renamed from supp_log to supp_detail since the report that is generated is a detailed report of the employees that make up the counts on the PA Support Personnel Report and not an error log. Also, an error message is provided when no records are processed for a status code, and a blank report will no longer be produced.

This is for Versions 22.4 and 23.10.

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