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Deductions - PSERS After-Tax

Before generating the Retirement (PSERS) report, the deductions must be set up accurately for employees and added to the PSERS deduction table.

Set Up PSERS After-Tax Deduction Codes

Set up valid PSERS deductions on the Deduction Table page.

  1. On the start page, select Human Resources.

  2. Select Reference Tables, then from the Payroll menu, select Deductions.

  3. Select Add new.

  4. Enter a unique Deduction Code.

  5. Enter a Frequency.

  6. Select Maintain Arrears if required.

  7. Select M - % Plus Additional Amount from the Method options.

  8. Select the Employee tab, then select a Withholding Account.

  9. Select Y - Year to Date from the Maximum Method options.

  10. Select the Employer tab.

  11. Select N - None from the Benefit Method options.

  12. Select A - All Pay Rates from the Benefit Charging options.

  13. Enter the default number of times the benefit is utilized in a fiscal year in the Times Encumbered field.

  14. Enter the number of times remaining for the fiscal year in the Remaining field.

  15. Select Accept.

Set Up The Employee Deduction

  1. On the start page, select Human Resources.

  2. Select Entry & Processing, then from the Employee menu, select Employee Deductions.

  3. Enter the search criteria to find the required records, then select Search.

  4. Select the employee deduction record, then select Accept.

  5. In the Deduction Amount/Rate field, add the percentage of the employee's contribution.

    You can add a record if you do not find an expected employee deduction record.

  6. Click Accept.

    Next, you must create deductions. Refer to Adding deduction reference information for more information.

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