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April 2023 Major Release - 19.4.75, 20.11.56, 22.4.18

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version unless otherwise noted in the release note:


The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-56120PA - Berks Local tax Monthly/Quarterly Data Selection for Report

The Berks Local Tax Monthly/Quarterly EIT report selection is enhanced to select a combination of codes with PSD and Location code to include the correct records in the file/report. 

To use this enhancement, the user must set up the PA Location PSD Code Maintenance to associate the specific locations with the reported PSD code.  The user can enter the PSD code multiple times, with different Location Codes, to enable the Berks Local Tax Monthly/Quarterly EIT report.

If the above setup is not complete,  the application continues to function as before.

Selecting a PSD code not associated with a location in the PA Location PSD Code Maintenance screen includes all employees' records and is selective on Location.

EFIN-97116PA 1099 MISC and NEC CSV File ChangesThe PA 1099 MISC and NEC CSV file is modified to print 35 columns for the correction file with the 35th column as blank and print 34 columns for the standard file.
EFIN-97880PSERS Work Report - Missing TotalsIn the PSERS Work Report, the totals are not printed if any records have null values.
EFIN-98966Display Issues in W2 Processing Create Electronic File

While creating the electronic file, the state-specific fields have been standardized to be consistent across states.

The state-specific fields are displayed if the ‘Include RS Records’ check box is selected, and hidden if cleared. The relevant state-specific fields are displayed when a state is selected in the Create State Format field.

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