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Reference And Translations Tables

The Account Structure Reference tables override the existing roll-up procedure for accounts, functions, objects, and areas when loading data for DBI Financial Reports.

The Translations tables define an account, function, object, or area and map them to a corresponding account, function, object, or area to override the current roll-up procedure

The Existing Roll-up Procedure

Roll-up means that any sub-accounts belonging to a company are rolled up to show the combined sales for all accounts. This can help when you want to see overall sales for a company, not just their sub-account sales.

The program first checks whether the function, object, revenue, or area code is reportable. If the code is not reportable, the program replaces the last digit with a zero and checks if the new code is reportable. This process repeats until it finds a reportable code.


If 1234 is the function of a given expenditure record, the program performs the following checks until it finds a reportable function:

  • 1234

  • 1230

  • 1200

  • 1000

If the check does not find a reportable function, the log file loadlog.rpt lists 1234 as unreportable.


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