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January 22, 2021 Release

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version(s) unless otherwise noted in the release note:

Version 19.4

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-44985Oregon - Employee Ledger Report - Pay Period Date Range

Two new fields - "Pay Period Date From" and "Pay Period Date to" are now available in the Employee Ledger Report to specify a date range while running the report.

EFIN-46431 OR : Consolidate Staff Collections - Error Processing File Generation for USID  and Staff Position

Error Processing File Generation for USID and Staff Position reporting addressed. This was caused by incorrect handling of data where the middle name of employees had empty values. The application has been enhanced to take care of this situation.

EFIN-46584OR PERS - New Retirement Wage Codes - 17 and 18

New Retirement wage Codes 17 and 18 are now set by the application. These are based on Ftext1 values.
If Ftext1 of the user is 7 then WageCode is assigned to 17.
If GrossSalary is negative and Ftext1 is equal to 7 then WageCode is assigned to 18.

EFIN-48451OR PERS Report - Issue Fixes

Following issues were addressed:
1. Hours worked extracted as 0
2. Demographic records extracted mismatches with the number of records extracted by 5.2
3. PERS status tcode1 does not reset if the current status is equal to last month's status
4. Old SSN value is not filled on change in SSN
5. Name change indicator is always unchecked
6. Incorrect error log on extraction of data
7. Edit record deletes all records for the employee, retaining only one
8. Added record disappears after clicking refresh
9. If gross salary is left blank and other salary/payoff info is entered, a validation message has to be displayed
10. Redundant validation error messages
11. No validation message if PERS employer number is not in the hrmstate table
12. Hrm state table validation not present before loading main screen
13. Demographic Purge - Incorrect information in docked message
14. Demographic Report Date missing in report screen
15. Load, Demographic - Help texts for fields missing

EFIN-488531099-NEC - State Electronic Files available 

We have completed the creation of separate 1099-NEC State Electronic Files for Connecticut, Iowa, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. If your state requires a separate electronic file with special state formatting, please contact the Helpdesk immediately.

This is for Versions 5.1, 5.2, 19.4, 19.11, and 20.11.

EFIN-49332EAC - W2 Box 14 Display Corrected

The Employee Access Center 2020 W2 form was displaying Box 14 information too far to the right, and overwriting Box 12 information. We have corrected this to have five lines of Box 14 information display within that box on the EAC form.

This is for Version 5.1.

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