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Year-End Tasks

Human Resources Year-End Tasks

  1. Process the last pay of the fiscal year.

  2. Perform the last STRS Payroll load of the fiscal year.

  3. Change the OH Retirement System Deduction Table to take Summer Accrued deductions by checking the Accrued flag for STRS retirement deductions tied to employees with Accrued Wages.

  4. Change the SERS Pay Codes tied to employees with Summer Accrued wages to SERS Earning Code 04 – Stretch Pay.

  5. Ensure the setups are complete for the OH STRS Annual Member Contribution Report, especially the OH STRS Accrued Pays and Dates by Pay Group page. You can print a report to confirm that this setup is complete.

  6. Load the OH STRS Annual Member Contribution Report and validate the information in that module, including employee accrued contributions, days worked, service credit, and pay dates on the summer accrued information tab. There is a hard copy report (which can go to Excel) so you can verify that the information is correct.

  7. EMIS - Verify the EMIS Profile Dates and Reporting period.

  8. Verify Employee EMIS positions by using the Employee EMIS Positions Report, and add or change any positions needed through the Employee Information Center.

    1. Use the Employee EMIS Positions Report to validate Positions.

    2. You can exclude any EMIS position by checking the Do Not Report to EMIS checkbox on the EMIS position page.

    3. Employees will only be included if their State Required Page has Rpt to EMIS = Y, they have at least one reportable EMIS position, and the EMIS position(s) fall within the reporting period (start date before end of reporting period, separation date during, not before, reporting period).

  9. Load the final L collection for the EMIS staff report to capture absence days before they are cleared out in the HRM year-end procedures.

  10. Go through year-end HRM procedures.

  11. Update the School Year in the Human Resources Profile Miscellaneous Tab.

  12. Run Human Resources > State > OH Update Service Years.

  13. Run EMIS Clear Prior Year Attendance to clear any attendance/absence overrides and long-term illness on the primary EMIS position.

  14. Run the first pay for the new year.

  15. Perform the first STRS Payroll load for the new year. This will create Accrued Pay records.

  16. When STRS Accrued Wages have been paid out, change the OH Retirement System Deduction Table by unchecking the Accrued flag for STRS retirement deductions.

  17. When the SERS Accrued Wages have been paid out, change the SERS Pay Codes to the applicable SERS Earning Code 01 – Regular pay.

  18. After updating new year pay rates, run Update EMIS Position Salaries to update salary amounts/rates and scheduled work days for the new year.

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