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September 24, 2021 Release

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version(s) unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • Version 19.4
  • Version 20.11

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-31729OH STRS Annual Report Shows Zero Service Credit

The Ohio STRS Annual report was showing zero service credit when there were service days accumulated. After discussion with the Ohio PowerSchool ERP Compliance customers, we agreed that if an employee has no STRS earnings, no service credit should be included for them. We have added messages to the STRS Load log and to the maintenance to warn of this condition.

This is for Version 19.4

EFIN-46757OH Local Tax add

Customers reported that if there were no records in the Ohio Local tax record for any employee, they were unable to add any local tax records for any employee using the local tax maintenance in Human Resources. We have modified the lookup so it verifies that there are local tax CODES to be added, rather than local tax employee records. 

This is for Version 20.11

EFIN-53773OH Update Years of Service - Remove Hardcoding of Employee Status Dropdown Values  

For Ohio Update Years of Service , the Employee Status Dropdown has been changed to use values from the Employee Status Reference table instead of being hardcoded .

This is for Version 20.11

EFIN-55901OH Local Tax Gross Includes Non-Cash payments

The Ohio Local Tax payroll calculation process was not including non-cash payment amounts in the local gross. This has been corrected in the payroll pre-calculations, payroll calculations, manual check, and paycheck worksheet.

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