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Ohio Local Taxes

This will explain topics and procedures concerning filing, generating and maintaining Local Income Taxes.

In some areas, employees are subject to multiple local taxes based upon where they live and work. In order to handle this requirement in Ohio version 5.1, we are providing the ability for employees to have multiple local records instead of only one.

The system distinguishes between school taxes, residential taxes, worksite taxes and other taxes based on the set up of the local tax records. In Ohio, an employee will have one active school tax, one or two active residential taxes and one or more worksite taxes, depending on the actual location of where they work or are based.

Managing the local taxes is a matter of adding new tax codes, and inactivating codes for an employee when they move (school and residential taxes) or change work locations (worksite taxes).

When loading time cards through Batch Import Timecards, if the local tax code is present in the record, the system will create the new local tax code for the worksite if needed.

Standard reports have been modified to reflect the multiple taxes that need to be reported.

W2 reporting will be modified for 2017 tax reporting to meet Ohio Local Tax requirements.

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