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October 29, 2021 Release

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version(s) unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • Version 5.2
  • Version 19.4
  • Version 20.11

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-5821OH Notify Payroll Clerks when Local Tax Frequency incorrect

For Ohio Local taxes, if an employee has a blank in their Local Marital Status, we are now providing a message in the pre-calculation logs to notify them before they actually process the payroll. The message is: β€œThe Local Marital Status is missing for employee ######”. In addition, we previously implemented a warning message β€œThe Locality, Marital Status, and pay frequency combination have not been set up in the tax table.”

In both cases, the payroll clerk should correct the employee record if it the local marital status is missing before calculating the payroll. Further, if the appropriate tax table is missing, it should be set up before calculating the payroll.

This is for Version 20.11

EFIN-26690OH Corrected Dock Arrears feature to work in Ohio 

When version 19.4 was released, a new feature to handle Dock Arrears calculations was included. However, setting this up caused a fatal error in calculations for Ohio customers, and they have not been able to use the feature. 

This has been corrected with this release.

This is for Version 19.4 and 20.11

EFIN-51893OH Correct W2 Electronic File for Local Tax amounts

We have corrected the W2 Electronic file for Ohio to include the local tax and totals records.

This is for Version 19.4 and 20.11

EFIN-67091OH New Hire - Populate slashes automatically on date fields  

For the Ohio New Hire report, dates entered as MMDDYYYY will automatically populate with the / when adding dates manually into date fields.

This is for Version 20.11

EFIN-68103OH Include Period 13 in Ohio Annual Spending Plan

The Ohio Annual Spending plan will now include amounts from the Expenditure or Revenue Ledgers from Period 13.

This is for Version 5.2 and 19.4

EFIN-69227OH EMIS cash table report - Missing data fixed

Fixed the Ohio EMIS Cash table report to report cash balances, record number, and account description.

This is for Version 20.11

EFIN-69308OH EMIS Organization General Information  - zero value attribute numbers

Fixed the Ohio EMIS Organization General Information to display zero value attribute numbers.

This is for Version 20.11

EFIN-69310OH EMIS staff report - Employee Record Numbers

Fixed Ohio EMIS staff report to display the employee record numbers consistently.

This is for Version 20.11

EFIN-69731OH EMIS Staff Report - Missing employee names

Fixed the Ohio EMIS Staff Report to display missing employee names in the demographic listing.

This is for Version 20.11

EFIN-69770OH Employee Information - EMIS Position link

We have restored the Ohio EMIS Position link to the Actions list in Employee Information.

This is for Version 20.11

EFIN-69864OH Fund Activity Report - Wildcard in fund field

The Ohio Fund Activity Report will allow entry of a wildcard (*) while selecting in the fund fields.

This is for Version 20.11

EFIN-70503OH eSERS Override Contribution Corrected 

Corrected the Ohio eSERS pay Load to generate the cycle code of OTHXXXX on the selection of the Override Contribution option. Also fixed the screen display to remove the display of two sets of pay frequencies.

This is for Version 20.11

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