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May 28, 2021 Release

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-34493Ohio Certification Upload

Added a Purge Expired Certifications field to the Human Resources Profile State Window to allow the user to set a timeframe for deleting expired certifications. The option includes:

  • Do Not Purge, Purge All Expired, Purge Expired > 1 Month
  • Purge Expired >3 Months
  • Purge Expired > 6 Months
  • Purge Expired > 1 Year
  • Purge Expired > 2 Years

The OH Certification Upload has also been modified to display and edit the Purge Expired Certifications option when running the upload. The OH Certification upload will delete the expired certifications based on the selected Purge Expired Certifications specified in the OH Certification Upload.

This is for Versions 5.2 and 19.4.

EFIN-57060OH Fund Activity Report & OH Annual Spending Plan

Corrected the formatting and calculation of the totals for OH Fund Activity Report & OH Annual Spending Plan.

This is for Version 20.11.

EFIN-57721OH eSERS Contribution Report

Fixed the following issues for OH eSERS Contribution Report:

  • Hours Paid Calculation
  • Earnings are correctly divided between supplemental and regular salary.
  • 1-% contribution calculation for pick-up on pick-up

This is for Version 20.11.

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