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July 30, 2021 Release

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version(s) unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • Version 5.2
  • Version 19.4
  • Version 20.11

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-28248OH - Fund Accounting - State - Fund Activity

Corrected an issue in the Ohio Fund Activity report. The report showed a fully paid PO as encumbered if the vendor number on the PO was different from the payment transaction. Transactions were also being combined on the detail report when the check number was missing.

This is for Versions 5.2 and 19.4

EFIN-37171OH Local Tax - Duplicate Tax records

Modified the maintenance for Ohio Local Taxes to prevent duplicate tax entries. All maintenance should be done from the array area, including the addition of new local tax records at the bottom of the display array. New local tax records should only be added at the bottom of the listed entries. Also, removed the insert and delete row options.

This is for Versions 19.4 and 20.11

EFIN-60513OH EMIS Fund Class Description Changed from Agency to Custodial

Changed the Ohio EMIS Fund Class description from Agency to Custodial.

Correction needed in Version 20.11 only

EFIN-62035OH EMIS Data Export - Export Staff Demographic Data electronic file format Fixes

Corrected the Ohio EMISDATA.SEQ file issues with the formatting of Principal Experience years in education at positions 260 and 261 of the electronic file.

Correction needed in Version 20.11 only

EFIN-62767OH eSERS Contribution Report - Load Fixed

Fixed the data extraction to allow data to be loaded successfully for the Ohio eSERS Contribution report.

Correction needed in Version 20.11 only

EFIN-62793OH STRS Payroll Report - Accrued Pre-Tax Calculation fixed

Fixed the calculation of Accrued Pre-Tax for the STRS Payroll report for Ohio. Resolved the original problem with Accrued Wages not loading by instructing the districts to load the STRS Annual Member Contribution data for the year before loading the STRS Payroll.

Correction needed in Version 20.11 only

EFIN-62806OH Certification Upload - error when purging

Corrected a fatal error regarding an Operand Type Clash generated when attempting to run the Ohio Certification Upload with the option to purge all expired certificates.

This is for Versions 5.2 and 19.4

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