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January 07, 2022 Release

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version(s) unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • Version 20.11

The following issues have been resolved: 



Release Note

EFIN-57177OH EMIS Position Description displayThe Ohio EMIS Position page accessed from the Employee Information Center Actions dropdown has been updated to select the correct description for the position. For an employee with a class code on the payrate with multiple matching choices in the EMIS class crosswalk, the employee EMIS position description was randomly getting selected from the available options, rather than picking the one specific to the employee's class code. This has been corrected.
EFIN-71688 OH EMIS Position maintenance

The Ohio EMIS maintenance options have been modified to allow changes for Job Class and Position to be saved, and to load data.

EFIN-71990  OH Compliance FavoritesWe have modified the Ohio installation program to change Compliance Favorite records, to run New Architecture options, rather than the legacy programs for all options when the database is updated.
EFIN-73755OH Annual Spending Plan Dollar fields - Right justified

The Ohio Annual Spending Plan report dollar amounts were fixed to be right-justified in the column.

EFIN-74045OH Foundation Reconciliation - Between Operator filtration fixed for the Pay Ending Dates FieldThe Ohio Foundation Reconciliation report was fixed to allow filtration based on “:” operator, in the Pay Ending Dates Field.
EFIN-74050 OH Unemployment Report Changes

As a part of the release, changes have been made to the OH Quarterly wage report as per the new file format specified by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Service.

The following new fields are introduced on the Maintenance form.

  • SOC Code

  • Owner/Officer

  • Out-Of-State UI Taxable Wages

  • Adjustment Reason Codes

Note: As a part of the change, the email ID is a mandatory field and the same needs to be set up under the said path before the load is performed: State > Quarterly wage >OH Quarterly Wage - Setup form. 

EFIN-74086 OH Foundation reconciliation - SERS and STRS Totals Fixed

The Ohio Foundation Reconciliation report was fixed to compute correct and balanced SERS and STRS total values.

EFIN-74153OH Unemployment Report Changes

The Ohio Quarterly Wage Report ICESA file format requirements have been changed. The ICESA file format new file specifications need to be followed. Some fields have been added (such as worker relationship, out of state wages, state FIPS code and excess wages total), and some fields were removed (such as the TPA number, out of state wages indicator and payment information fields).

New required fields for the S record include:

  • Employer ID - State Unemployment Insurance Employer ID from the Setup option of the Quarterly Wage report State ID field

  • SOC Code of the employee is a new field. User Defined page 32001

  • Owner/Officer Relationship (0 for employee 1 for Officer) - User Defined page 32001

  • Out of State Quarterly Unemployment Insurance Taxable Wages - if out of state wages must report to receive proper credit. - Update in Quarterly wage maintenance per employee basis

  • Adjustment Reason - Required (00 is original filing) defaults on load, maintained in Quarterly wage maintenance

The report is due for the 4th quarter of 2021. By January 31, 2022 - version 19.4 was available in December 2021.

EFIN-74525OH EMIS Contractor Load issues

The Ohio EMIS Contractor load and maintenance issues have been resolved.

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