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Capital Assets

This feature allows users to maintain and inspect their capital assets. Capital assets are items belonging to a district that have a determinable value. This may include buildings, land, vehicles, equipment and other resources. These assets may fluctuate in value. This table must be entered manually.

Menu Path: EMIS > All > EMIS Financial Tables > Capital Assets

The following items display on the Action Bar:


Displays the Capital Assets Report page. From here, you are able to generate a Capital Assets report. For details, refer to the procedure below.

For the standard procedures, refer to EMIS Financial Tables Summary.

Generating a report using the Report Action Item

  1. Select EMIS > All > EMIS Financial Tables > Capital Assets to display the EMIS Capital Assets page.

  2. Click Report on the Action Bar to display the EMIS Capital Assets Report page.

  3. In the Selection Criteria section, select the Reporting Period and Fiscal Year from the appropriate drop-downs.

  4. Click OK.

  5. In the Print window, specify how you want to generate the report, and then click OK. The report's default file name is ohefin_cap_assets.rpt.


For the standard fields, refer to EMIS Financial Tables Summary.



Schedule Sequence

State-specified constant CAC. Display only.

Schedule Frequency

State-specified constant 001. Display only.

Line Number

State-specified constant 1. Display only.

Schedule Number

State-specified constant CAP. Display only.

Asset Code

Acronym indicating the Capital Asset related to each reported balance, addition, or deduction. Select:

DBI - Depreciable Capital Assets, Buildings and Building Improvements
DBK - Depreciable Capital Assets, Books
DFE - Depreciable Capital Assets, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
DIN - Depreciable Capital Assets, Infrastructure
DLI - Depreciable Capital Assets, Land Improvements
DVE - Depreciable Capital Assets, Vehicles
LBI - Accumulated Depreciation, Buildings and Building Improvements
LBK - Accumulated Depreciation, Books
LFE - Accumulated Depreciation, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
LIN - Accumulated Depreciation, Infrastructure
LLI - Accumulated Depreciation, Land Improvements
LVE - Accumulated Depreciation, Vehicles
NDC - Capital Assets not being depreciated, Construction in Progress
NDL - Capital Assets not being depreciated, Land

Prior Balance

Starting balance, typically June 30 of the prior fiscal year, for this particular Capital Assets Code.


Amounts to be added for the current fiscal year to the starting balance.


Amounts to be subtracted for the current fiscal year from the starting balance.

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