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August 2022 Minor Release -

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • Version 20.11

The following issues have been resolved: 



Release Note

EFIN-87698EMIS Staff Long Term Absence

EMIS Staff Report - Multiple records were displayed for an employee with multiple position records during the EMIS Staff Final Attendance Calculation. The issue is fixed.

EFIN-88017Allows only unique CFDA number for multiple special cost centers

OH EMIS Report users were unable to save the same CFDA number for multiple special cost centers. The issue is fixed.

EFIN-88192OH SERS Contribution amount is incorrectly rounded

OH eSERS Contribution Report-SERS contribution amount was not summed up in the 3rd decimal correctly to the 2nd decimal place, leading to differences in pennies. It is now fixed.

EFIN-88193EMIS Fund Class Code displays duplicate records

Users couldn't review data on the fund class table as it got duplicated due to sort issues. The issue is fixed.

EFIN-88517Unable to add a record on the EMIS > Expenditures table

Users were unable to add a record to the EMIS Expenditure table. The issue is now fixed and the users can add, delete, and update the records.

EFIN-88522OH Employee Time Sheets (ETS) - Corrected Fatal Error When Posting Records

A fatal error that occurred in the ETS post when multiple employees’ pay rates used the same pay code is corrected. This issue was specific to Ohio districts. Additionally, a warning message was added to the ETS post report indicating the employees are paid on a pay code associated with a different retirement system than the pay code in their pay rate. This scenario may require manual correction for the SERS/STRS days depending on the desired outcome.

EFIN-88974EMIS Staff Report -Unable to edit the separation date/reason

Users were unable to edit the separation date/reason or assignment area under the EMIS > EMIS Staff Report > Employment Record. The system reported the warning as an error, which prevented the edit/update. It is fixed now.

EFIN-89268OH - Modify EMIS Export to filter Capital Asset data 

Ohio EMIS Data Export will now filter the Capital Asset data based on the year and reporting period set on EMIS Profile.

Note: The depository names are pulled out only for those records where the line number is less than or equal to 99 OR greater than or equal to 200. This is the existing behavior.

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