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August 2022 Major Release -

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version(s) unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • Version 19.4
  • Version 20.11

The following issues have been resolved: 



Release Note

EFIN-62478Fewer Error Messages on OH Certification Upload

When the ODE Certification Upload is run, employee records with no district information in the ODE record will no longer receive the error message that the ODE does not have the employee assigned to the district. Only employee records with mismatched district information will receive this message. 

EFIN-84514OH Effective Date Changes for multiple local taxes

Effective Date Changes are modified for Ohio to split out the Tax Info option into two separate options for Federal or State Taxes and Local Taxes Info. The new Local Tax Info option provides the ability for districts to add or update tax information for multiple local taxes and have it posted to the Employee Information Center for the effective date. Errors and posted changes are documented in a log file similar to the post logs for deductions and tax information. 

For version -20.11 only. 

EFIN-84882OH SERS/STRS - Calculate the hours and days worked for SERS/STRS using clock in/clock out time records from Employee Time Sheets

The OH SERS/STRS days calculation for Employee Time Sheets is updated to work for time clock employees.

Salesforce: 06192389

For version -20.11 only. 

EFIN-86301OH STRS - Annual Report - Unable to load the data

On the STRS Annual Member Contribution Report, users can now load data successfully if the accrued setup is not available.

Salesforce: 06427778

For version -20.11 only. 

EFIN-86302OH eSERS Contribution Report - Warning in Load Summary Report for Negative amount

A warning message is added to the Load Summary in eSERS Contribution Report for the records that were not included as a part of the load since the earnings consist of a negative amount.

Salesforce Case 06481154

For version -20.11 only. 

EFIN-86400OH eSERS Contribution Report Error

The SQL error is fixed for the user to now sort with the end date column in the eSERS Contribution Report’s pay schedule setup.

Salesforce: 06483941

For version -20.11 only. 

EFIN-86752Employee Access Center (EAC) - Add display and update for Ohio multiple local taxes

Employee Access Center (EAC) tax information is modified to display and allow updates of multiple local taxes for Ohio.

For version -20.11 only. 

EFIN-87018STRS Annual Report Days not reflecting correctly

The STRS Annual Report is incorrectly reporting the days for employees who have negative hours docked. The issue is fixed now and the user can report the days correctly.

Salesforce: 06500997 

For version -20.11 only. 

EFIN-87311OH - Correct calculation of beginning balance for Annual Spending Plan report

The Ohio Annual Spending Plan report is changed to allow the user to enter the Cash Accounts they would like to include for the Cash Beginning Balance value. This value should now calculate to match the value on the Cash Position report.

Salesforce: 06498896

EFIN-87527OH Annual Spending Plan - Incorrect Report data

The Ohio Annual Spending Plan was pulling in duplicate records, resulting in incorrect report data. The issue is now fixed.

Salesforce: 06512468

For version -20.11 only. 

EFIN-87528EMIS Staff Report does not load

The EMIS Staff Report had loading issues and displayed the message “object reference not set to an instance of an object”. This is now fixed, and the user can generate the report.

Salesforce: 06524190 

For version -20.11 only. 

EFIN-87880EMIS Data Export -Input String Error

An error was reported during Data Export in the EMIS Data Export when the Special Cost Center had an alphanumeric character. This is fixed now.


  • 06523819
  • 06539634 

For version -19.4 only. 

EFIN-87928Incorrect Beginning balance on EMIS Cash Table when loading through the EMIS Financial Load

The beginning balance was not getting added up to the previous year's closing balance, causing a discrepancy in the EMIS Cash Table. This is fixed, and the user can now view the balance display correctly.

Salesforce: 06545978

For version -20.11 only. 

EFIN-87930EMIS Staff Report Error

When the Employment record was updated without the First Name after the EMIS report load, it led to an error while generating the report. This is fixed, and the user can now generate the EMIS staff report successfully.

Salesforce: - 06548240 

For version -20.11 only. 

EFIN-88323Pre Tax contribution incorrect for Mid year live

On the OH STRS Annual Report, when a customer went live mid-year, the pre-tax contribution was not calculated correctly. This has now been fixed.  


  • 06562814
  • 06550411
  • 06560596

For version -19.4 only.

EFIN-88325STRS Payroll incorrect records

The STRS payroll records were not getting updated to PAYA records and it was found that the Accrued information was not pulling in the Annual member contribution, which is now fixed.

Salesforce: 06560443

For version -20.11 only. 

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