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Report Specific Setup – NY SIRS Staff Snapshot

Prior to running the report, several fields need to be filled in.

From the maintenance table click on the Setup button at the top.

District Code: Code used to identify school district.

User Defined Table for Base Salary Job Classes: The 2 character code used to designate the user defined reference table which defines secondary job classes which are to be included in the base salary. This is stored in the Human Resources profile – State Window page. If it is added or updated here the new value will be updated in the profile. The user defined reference table can be accessed by clicking on the "User Defined" button on the action bar at the top of the page.

Bargaining Units: Only employees containing a specified bargaining unit will be loaded.

Email Domains: If the email address has an email domain not specified on the setup screen, the personal email address will be checked. If the personal email address has a domain that is not on the setup screen, no email address will be loaded and an error will appear in the log file.

Maintaining the Data

This option is used to review the loaded data, add new records in that were not loaded, and to maintain records separately from the initially loaded data.

From the maintenance table the following options are available: search, modify and add records. The school year for the search is auto populated when the maintenance screen is opened, but it can be changed.


From the maintenance table click on the load button at the top.

Select the school year and report date to be loaded.

If there is information already loaded for the specified school year and report date, the confirmation message will display.


In order to remove data completely from the tables, select the Purge option at the top of the screen.

Select the school year and report date to purge and the confirmation box will appear. Once purged the following screen will appear with the number of records purged.

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