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December 2022 Major Release - 19.4.67, 20.11.48, 22.4.10

Resolved Issue

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The following issue has been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-90036New NH Retirement Payroll Report 3.0 option added

A new menu option, Human Resources - State - NH Retirement Payroll Report 3.0, has been added to accommodate the new reporting requirements for the NHRS upgrade to Pension Gold 3.0. NHRS requires that employers submit test files in the latest reporting format before the system goes live in 2023. Please refer to the NHRS XML Test File website to learn more about the requirements for submitting test files or the DRS Upgrade Project website for general information and the latest project updates.

Before generating the Reports - XML Format to submit for testing, the user must:

  1. Update or add the deduction codes, deduction types, and subgroups in the Retirement Deduction Codes option.
  2. Run the Load option. The maintenance window will display information loaded with the NH Monthly Retirement Report but does not allow these records to be edited from this new option. When completing parallel testing, the Load must be completed in the NH Monthly Retirement Report and the NH Retirement Payroll Report 3.0.
  3. Create Reports.

The steps to create reports remain similar to the NH Monthly Retirement Report.

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