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October 2023 Release - 19.4.82, 20.11.63, 22.4.25

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version unless otherwise noted in the release note:

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The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note


OASIS Report - Wage type bug fixes and Load Summary Report Enhancements

MO OASIS Report’s Wage type related bug fixes. The load summary report is enhanced to display the multiple wage code combinations specific to the employee instead of the standard generic message.

This change is applicable to versions and


MO OASIS Report - R Wage type bug fix

MO OASIS Report is fixed to correctly calculate Hours for records with wage type R.

The Hours for records with wage type R was not getting calculated prior to this fix.

This change is applicable to versions and


OASIS Report - Career Ladder specific Load enhancements

Based on the Career Ladder flag at the Paycode reference table, the MO OASIS Report Load logic calculates and reports the career ladder wages and contributions on separate records.

Career Ladder pay should be done as a separate paycheck from the regular pay.

If the Career Ladder pay codes are combined with the regular pay codes in the same check, the below error message is displayed on the load summary report.

The check <CheckNo> contains both the Regular Pay codes and Career Ladder enabled Pay codes. Check ignored.

This change is applicable to versions and


Load Summary Report Error - When HRM Profile Company is Blank

Load Summary Report is fixed to not throw an error if the HRM Profile Company values are blank.

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