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January 2023 Major Release - 20.11.50, 22.4.12

Resolved Issue

These changes have been released in the following software version unless otherwise noted in the release note:


The following issue has been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-89529UFARS Report -For  Closing Summary and MARSS table the year display was incorrect on the Edit screen

UFARS Report - When the user tries to edit the data for the Closing Summary and the MARSS table report the display of the year was incorrect which lead to the below issues,

  • Delete operation was incorrect for the records that were copied from one year to another.

  • Unable to copy the data which was added manually on the Maintenance screen from one year to another year.

EFIN-93861MN UFARS Regulatory - Copy Function not copying UFARS Closing/Summary, and MARSS TablesMN UFARS Report COPY function was fixed to copy UFARS Closing/Summary and MARSS Tables from one fiscal year to the other.
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