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February 11, 2022 Release

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version(s) unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • Version 20.11

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-52772MN UFARS Revenue and Expenditure corrections - updated

Corrected the Minnesota UFARS in two separate areas for crosswalking accounts with the H and I records.

This is updated from the previous version.

EFIN-61487MN UFARS - Include Prior Year Void Check - updated

Modified the Minnesota UFARS report to include a check voided for the previous year in the Fund Balance account in detail and summary reporting.

This is updated from the previous version.

EFIN-63738MN UFARS - Alternate Account Structure modifications - updated

A new district in Minnesota set up its account structure in a non-standard way. We have accommodated those changes in the UFARS reporting. Due to the data on the report, there are limits to the space available for the display of the organization and translations, which have been reached with this release. This is updated from the previous version.

EFIN-65966MN UFARS Journal Entries Created Correctly - Updated

The Minnesota UFARS report has a function where it creates journal entries for posting to Fund Accounting. Corrected the problem where the amounts were off by a decimal place.

This is updated from the previous version.

EFIN-74597MN New Hire Report - Updated

Enhanced the Minnesota New Hire report by introducing the NH last paid date and uses it to determine the most recent issue date, as required by the state. It does not use the Last Paid field from the Payroll tab of the Employee Information Center. NH last paid date will be updated irrespective of the employee being reported or not.

This is updated from the previous version.

EFIN-75113MN UFARS Journal Entry Account Code formation - updated

The Minnesota UFARS Reclass Journal Entry option had hardcoded the account to have two positions after the decimal. Some districts use three placeholders after the dot (B422.000). We have corrected the formation of the account code to match the district rather than hard-coding it.

This is updated from the previous version.

EFIN-76174MN UFARS - GL Crosswalks, Budget Amount sign and Beginning Balances Corrected

The following issues related to version 20.11 in the Minnesota UFARS report were corrected:

1. General ledger crosswalks were not showing up properly.

2. The positive and the negative signs were displayed incorrectly for the budgeted amount.

3 . The Beginning balances were not appearing correctly.

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