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September 2023 Release - 19.4.81, 20.11.62, 22.4.24

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version unless otherwise noted in the release note:

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The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note


MI MEIS REP - Pull docking rate

MI MEIS REP Report load is enhanced to pull the Docking Rate into the Hourly Wage field from the eligible employees' Primary Pay Rate without considering the Contract Limit / Contract Position using the following criteria:

  • If the Pay method is anything other than D, the docking rate is taken from the Hourly Wage field.

  • If the Pay method is D, the Hourly Wage is equal to the Docking rate/hours per day.


Compliance Reports' Browser Favicon updated

Compliance Reports' Browser Favicon updated to make it consistent.


Additional report - Education Service Provider Report is now available for FID Reporting

An additional Education Service Provider (ESP) report is added to the MI FID (Financial Information Database) page. (Menu path: From the Fund Accounting menu, select State. From the State - MI menu, select FID (Financial Information Database). Click Reports and select ESP Report).

No separate load or setup is required. The districts can create the ESP report based on their Fund / Function / Object criteria, which filter the already loaded expenditure data for the selected year. Multiple combinations can be applied to get the required subset of the already loaded expenditure data.


Updates to the Educational Setting options in the Employee's Assignment for MEIS REP

CEPI has modified the categories for the Educational Settings to be reported in the fall MEIS REP data collection. Previously, the Special Education Age groups were reported as 3-5 years old and 6-21 years old.

CEPI has now modified these categories to reflect Special Education Age Group 3 – 5 years of age (Not in Kindergarten) and `Special Education Age Group 5 – 21 years of age (In Kindergarten).

The employee assignment window is now modified to reflect the special education age categories. You can review the staff in the Special Education Age Group of 5 years old to ensure they are now reported in the appropriate category.


Special Education Setting's Age range label changes for MIES REP Report

Special Education Setting’s age range is changed according to the latest specifications of MIES REP reporting.


MEIS REP - Uploading professional development days

MEIS REP - The application is modified to allow decimals (partial days) while uploading the professional development days.

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