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Salary Schedules

Set up salary schedules to calculate wages for Michigan Education Information System (MEIS) Registry of Educational Personnel (REP) reporting.

Set Up Salary Schedules

Before generating reports, set up valid salary schedules on the Salary Schedules page.

  1. On the start page, choose Human Resources.

  2. Click Reference Tables and then choose Salary Schedules (under Payroll).

  3. Specify the search criteria to find the required salary schedules and then click Search.

  4. To add a record, click Add new. Specify valid information in the required fields and then click Accept

    1. To edit a record, double-click the relevant record. Update the information and then click Accept

    2. To delete, click Delete. Click Yes.

Salary Calculation

State Hours Per Day is used to calculate the wage (field 10) for pay method R employees. Enter the State Hours Per Day for each schedule associated with pay method R employees. The wage is calculated as follows:

If an employee with pay method R has pay rate Hours per Day equal to 0 or 1,

Wage = Docking Rate รท State Hours Per Day (from the salary schedule).

Otherwise, if an employee with pay method R has pay rate Hours per Day greater or lesser than 0 or 1,

Wage = Docking Rate divided by Hours/Day (from pay rate).

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