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July 2022 Minor Release -

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version(s) unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • Version 19.4
  • Version 20.11

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-81736Default Base Salary when Salary and Hourly rate are both being reported to the same ORS class code

Users can now report the annual salary while generating a DTL2 record if PowerSchool ERP finds that the salary and hourly rate are both reported to the same ORS Class Code.To populate, the following configuration needs to be performed before generating the report:
Set the option as Default Base Salary under System Administration > Profiles > Human Resource Profile > State > Additional information.
Also, the Salary Calculation code must be set accordingly, if the user wants to view the Sum of Annual Salary.
To view the primary pay details, the user must select Annual Salary of the Primary Pay.

EFIN-86900ORS -PSERS not pulling in all the Employees during the Load

The ORS PSERS load wasn’t pulling in all the employee details for the ORS-PSERS report and the Load Summary report displayed a few employee details as load failure. The issue occurred if Position Control is set to Y and the basis for ORS Class code is ACCT. This issue is fixed. 
Also, the Class Codes were not limited to four digits and hence was failing to look for the crosswalked data during the load process. Class Codes are now limited to four digits which allows the program to look at the crosswalked values and populate accordingly.

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