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LA Update Years Experience

The LA Update Years Experience program is accessed by selecting the following menu path: Human Resources > State > LA Update Years Experience.

Running the Update and Generating Report

This is a utility program that may be run to perform yearly updates to three fields used to track years of service: Years in District; Years in State; and Years Total. It will perform updates for non-terminated employees. It may be run for all personnel statuses or may limited to a selected status or statuses.

NOTE: Because this will update years of service for all selected employees, it is important to run this only once per year for any particular group of employees based on personnel status.

If desired, select one or more Personnel Status values for which years of service should be updated. Enter multiple codes separated by the pipe character "|".

Each of the fields Years in District, Years in State, and Years Total will have one added to their current values.

When the update is completed a report will be produced showing the new values for each employee who was updated.

Data Mapping

The fields that are updated are listed below:


Location in the Application

Years in District

Person table. Yrs_district field.

Years in State

Person table. Yrs_state field.

Years Total

Person table. Yrs_total field.

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