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LA Unique Id

Use the LA Unique ID Report page to generate the LA Unique ID Report in hard copy and electronic file format. Unique IDs ensure each student and staff member have only one unique identification. This option generates a comma‚Äźdelimited file for submission to the state. You can run the report for select employee types or leave the fields blank to report all employees. In addition, a hard copy report is produced for informational purposes.

The log file for the report program reports employees with missing required values such as birthdates or ID numbers. In addition, the Upload function indicates if the employee was not found in the Human Resources system.

Menu Path:  Human Resources > State > State > LA Unique Id

The following item displays on the Action Bar:

Upload Unique ID

Displays the Unique ID Report. Use this page to upload the Unique ID Information from a comma-delimited .csv file.

Hosted Customers

Hosted customers use the "Upload to Report Folder" link from the ASP Homepage to upload the .csv file from the state to your report directory on the server. This file is accessible for upload. The upload reads the file returned to the district by the state, extracts the Unique ID numbers, and updates the TSDS Unique ID field on the employee's State Required II page. When the upload is finished, the user is notified if it was successful or if errors were found.

Generating Unique ID Reports

  1. Select Human Resources > State > State > LA Unique Id.

  2. In the Report Criteria and Additional Criteria sections, complete the fields. For details, refer to LA Unique Id#Unique ID Report Page Fields.

  3. When finished, click OK.

  4. Specify how you want to generate the report, and then click OK

  5. Click Yes to print full social security numbers on the report. 

Uploading Unique ID Information

  1. Select Human Resources > State > State > LA Unique Id.

  2. Click Upload Unique ID.

  3. Enter the Data File Name, and then click OK.

Unique ID Report Page Fields



Report Date

Date the report will be filed.

LA Transmission ID

Code identifying the LA transmission for reference.

Employee Number

Unique number identifying the employee.

Employee Status

Status of the employee.

Include Employees With Existing IDs

Select to include employees with employee IDs and not just those with Unique IDs.

Employee Types

Specify the employee types to include in the report.

Click Employee Types, select the Employee Type codes, and then click OK.

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