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ES Additional Dependent Exemptions

The payroll calculations for state and local taxes include the Additional Dependent Exemptions. The number of additional dependents is multiplied by the state's appropriate amount or local tax tables for additional dependent allowance. Before calculating state and local taxes, this total is subtracted from the employee's gross pay.

The add_depend table holds the number of additional dependents. This table is linked to the payroll table by employee number creating one record per employee.

Column Name

Data Type




Employee Number



Additional Dependents for state tax data



Additional Dependents for local tax data

You must complete several fields before running payroll with the exemptions. These fields are in the state and local tax tables and within each employee's payroll tax data. You must update the state and local tax tables with the additional dependent allowance amounts, and you can do this for each record within the table. You must also update the payroll tax data for each employee with the number of additional dependents.

Once you set up all the necessary additional dependent information in the state and local tax tables and the employees' payroll tax data page, you can run payroll using this information. Before calculating state and local taxes, the additional dependent amount is subtracted from the taxable gross amount.

After you run payroll, generate reports for those tables to verify that all the information entered is correct.

To set up ES Additional Dependent Exemptions, refer to the following:

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