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July 9, 2021 Release

Resolved Issue

These changes have been released in the following software version(s) unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • Version 5.2
  • Version 19.4
  • Version 20.11

The following issue has been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-59557IL TRS Payroll Report - Hours/Days Upload

Added an action item on the main page of the IL TRS Payroll Report to upload actual hours and days worked for employees for a specified Employee, Report Type, and Report Date/Check Issue Date, with options to replace or append the data. This is needed because the current IL TRS load makes many assumptions about days paid, docked days, and sick days (sick leave balance). As a result, days and hours may not be correctly calculated if schedules vary. Retirement hours may also be incorrect depending on the pay code table setup (for Unit or Period pay types).
It would be best to run the upload after the IL TRS load is run, to update IL TRS Pay records for the check issue date. The user should create a file called dayshoursupload.csv with the following comma-separated fields:
Employee number, employee SSN (with format 123-45-6789), check issue date (in format mm/dd/yyyy), docked days, sick days, days paid, post-retirement hours.
If the employee number or the employee SSN is not available, leave that field blank, but one employee number or employee SSN is required for the record to be processed.
Here is an example data line: 166,160-70-1313,03/19/2021,2,2,2,0
The days/hours fields must be in range for the field being updated. Docked Days range is 000.00 – 999.99. The sick/Personal Days range is 0000.0 – 9999.9. Days paid range is 00 – 99. The Post-retirement hours' range is 000.00 – 999.99. Post-retirement hours will only be processed for employees whose State Required Retiree Flag is set to 'Y.'
The user can select to update IL TRS records for the employee and check issue date for Defined Benefit plans, SSP Defined Contribution Plans or both. The upload only performs updates if the employee has a pre-existing (already loaded) record for the Record Type, employee number, and check issue date. The user can choose which of the Days and Hours fields to update or select any combination. The user can choose to Adjust or Replace the values. Adjusting will add the numbers in the upload file to the numbers already in the employee record. Replacing will replace the numbers in the employee record with the numbers in the upload file. Blanks will be ignored.
After the upload is performed, report iltrs_hrsUploadEil_err, created in the user's report directory, provides information about any errors encountered and records processed. In the log directory, iltrs_maintEil.log provides ongoing information about uploads performed (user, date, prompts selected, completion).

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