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Employee Add Setup

The IL Employment Information System (EIS) page is at the end of the employee add process. The system retrieves EIS demographic and employment information from the following pages:

  • Base Employee Information

  • Personnel Information

These pages should precede the IL Employment Information System page.

The system retrieves some fields in the EIS position data that have defaults from the following pages:

  • Pay Rates

  • Illinois State Retirement Screen

You can also reposition these pages to precede the IL Employment Information System page

  1. On the start page, choose Menu, then choose System Administration.

  2. Click Administration, then choose Human Resources Profile (under Profiles).

  3. On the start page, select Menu > System Administration > Administration > Human Resources Profile (under Profiles).

  4. On the navigation bar, click Employee Add Setup.

  5. Select the page that you want to reposition, and choose Move Up or Move Down.

  6. Click OK.

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