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Create File - Budget Form

  1. Download the appropriate data import file from the ISBE website.

  2. On the IL Budget Form page, select Choose File and select the data import file downloaded in Step 1.

  3. Select the Fiscal Year, District Type, and Budget Location.

  4. Select Create and then Yes.
    If you receive an error that the Excel file was not updated, verify that you selected the correct spreadsheet. For example, you will get this error if you choose the Budget Form spreadsheet when creating an AFR report. If you selected the proper file, your server may have a configuration issue.

  5. Save the file and click OK.

  6. Navigate to the folder containing the report file.

  7. Inspect the files. Update data, if needed.

  8. Repeat steps 2-7 until all required data is included.

Follow the state's submission procedures.

File Creation Process

The application automatically populates the spreadsheet with information by reading from the database and inserting the values into the appropriate rows, columns, and cells.

The actual process of populating the spreadsheet is as follows:

  • Data will be collected using the year entered on the report page.

  • Populating the appropriate cells with data.

  • Unprotecting the tabs that are allowed to be unprotected.

  • Save the populated spreadsheet in the exact location and with the same name specified in the File Name field on the report and display it to the user.

After you have populated the spreadsheet, you can review it and make changes/additions before submitting it.

Running the program multiple times will cause any changes to data populated by the program to be lost and replaced by values calculated by the program. Any empty fields modified after running the program will retain the data.

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