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Monthly Report

The following table outlines the Iowa field names, descriptions, and the location from which the data is retrieved for the monthly report.

Field Name


Location in Application


Unique location identified within the state IU system.

Unique employee.base_loc

Building Name

Building name

Regtb.building_name where location code is distinct employee.base_loc

All Employees

Employee count in which employment is the total number of full- and part-time employees who worked during or received wages for the pay period, including the 12th of the month. Include all employees who were subject to Unemployment Insurance laws.


Male Employees

The number of male employees


Female Employees

The number of female employees



The number of employees designated as faculty.

Calculated from the number of employees whose empuser 32000 screen, ftext2 ‘Faculty’ field = ‘Y’.

Male Wages

Total wages for male employees for the month

Calculated from payroll.tearn_m for male employees

Female Wages

Total wages for female employees for the month

Calculated from payroll.tearn_m for female employees

Total Wages

Total wages for the month

Calculated from payroll.tearn_m

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