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Employee State Required Page

To access the employee's State Required page select the menu option: Applications > Human Resources > Employee Information. Search for and select an employee. Once an employee is selected, click on the Payroll Information button and select 'State Required'. The Arizona State Retirement Screen page appears.

The table below describes each of the fields on the State Required page and which state reports reference the fields. Please note that any data entered into the field called 'Retire Code' needs to first be set up in the Personnel User Defined Codes – Table Code 'RC'.



Referencing Report

Database Field

Account No.

Employee's retirement account number

AZ Retirement

empuser.ftext1, page_no = "32000"


Employee's department

AZ Retirement

empuser.ftext2, page_no = "32000"


Employee's type:

AZ Retirement

empuser.ftext3, page_no = "32000"

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