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September 29, 2021 Release

These changes have been released in Version 21.4.6:

New Features

ReferenceAreaRelease Note
EFIN-33649Sync of Leave balances between PowerSchool ERP and SFE

Any changes to the employee’s leave balance will be updated and reflected in SFE.

EFIN-45010Sync Leave Bank Details from PowerSchool ERP to SFE in bulk

A new field Employee Leave Bank will be available on the bulk transfer screen under the Employee panel to initiate the bulk sync of leave banks for SFE Employees.

EFIN-49569Integration Status Logs to show absence record logs
  • When PowerSchool ERP receives a record through the absence object, it will be visible in the Integration Status Logs screen with status and details.

  • When PowerSchool ERP receives a record through the absence object but is unable to process it due to some errors, the admin can see the details of this record along with the reason for rejection.

  • The Integration Status Logs screen has new columns added for Employee ID, Job Number, and Location.

EFIN-52736Business Rule Screen Field Formats and validations

In the Business Rule screen, the Custom Time fields will be set to the correct format, when days and hours are selected and validations are done.

EFIN-53366Bulk sync of leave codes from PowerSchool ERP to SFE

The administrator will be able to send the leave codes in bulk from PowerSchool ERP to SFE.

EFIN-54722Long Term Substitution

If SFE integration is active for a school district, when an absence record is created for a substitute in SFE and the substitute works consecutively for the number of days to be considered for long term substitution, then the business rules will be applied as per the long term substitute rules in the business rule screen.

EFIN-57384Feature Flag for User Management

A new Feature Flag within the Integration Setup screen is introduced that is used to toggle the User Management Access for PowerSchool ERP.

EFIN-62266Leave request status field in Attendance and Substitute screen

The leave request status field introduced in the Attendance and Substitute screen will show the status as either pending/completed for the leaves coming in from SFE.

EFIN-62279Leave request status field in Attendance and Substitute screen

The pending leave balances will be displayed in EAC for the PowerSchool ERP and SFE Employee records.

EFIN-62883Handle the Cancellation of leave requests coming from SFE

When a leave cancellation request is received from SFE, PowerSchool ERP will accept it and update the leave status to cancelled.

EFIN-63626Leave Balance Check on immediate basis

PowerSchool ERP will now send a response on immediate basis when the Excess Leave Usage Method is Roll over to LWP or Use Hierarchy to notify the SFE user if a leave can be taken or will it be leave without pay.

EFIN-63629Pending leave balances to be shown on the attendance screen

The new column on the Attendance screen will show the pending leaves balance for SFE records that is the sum of pending leaves from the attendance table.
For PowerSchool ERP users, the pending leaves balance column will show the balance that will be the sum of pending leaves from the WF_user_defined and attendance tables.

EFIN-64373Fund Accounting

The Close Purchase Order Fund Accounting option is updated to support the full account number format.

EFIN-64395Restrict EAC Login with default password

A user login with a default password is restricted in EAC, even the if employee is created from Talent without SSN. This is to avoid any unauthorized access by someone (other than the Employee himself/herself) who knows the Employee ID.

EFIN-64688Updates to Bank Account Information screen

Default Cash Account and Multiple Cash, fee, and interest accounts can be entered for a Bank account. Check Printing Bank Account can be mentioned on the Bank Account If Print Check by Bank Account flag is checked in Fun Accounting profile.

EFIN-64691Updates to Batch Receipt Entry for Bank Account changes.

When Fund Accounting profile flag Print Checks by Bank is checked, the user can input the bank account associated with a receipt and the Cash Account will also be determined based on the configurations present for that Bank Account.

EFIN-64695Creating Interfund Clearing entries during Automated Payroll Interface Post 

New functionality introduced to create the interfund clearing entries and move cash to charging fund or key organization when Interfund Clearing flag is checked in the Fund Accounting profile.

EFIN-64696Batch Accounts Payable entry modified to input Bank Account

As part of the update to allow checks to be printed based on the bank account instead of the disbursement fund, Batch Accounts Payable entry has been modified to input the Bank Account.

In addition, if the profile setting Display Cash Account is turned on, the user will see the cash account to be charged and the interfund due to account if the transaction involves and interfund transaction.

EFIN-64697Bank Account to be entered while Importing payables 

When the Print Check by Bank Account flag is checked in Fun Accounting profile, Bank Account is made a mandatory field while performing payable import.

EFIN-64704Vendor Checks printed based on Bank Account

Vendor checks can now be printed based on the bank account instead of the disbursement fund. If the Fund Accounting profile flag Print Checks by Bank Account is checked, then the vendor checks will be grouped based on the bank account. User can select the bank accounts for which to process checks. In addition, the user will be prompted for the starting check number for each selected bank.

EFIN-64705Vendor Check charges and interfund clearing entries

Updates to create clearing entries for interfund entries and moving cash back to the charging key organization/fund when the Vendor Checks are run with Interfund Clearing flag turned on in the Fund Accounting profile.

EFIN-64706Vendor Checks Attachments

Vendor check attachments are created by Bank Account when vendor checks are run by bank account and not by disbursement fund.

EFIN-64710Updates to EFT Destination table

EFT Destination table is updated to select Bank Accounts defined in the Bank Maintenance screen and search based on Bank Account.

EFIN-64712Updates to Transaction Display screen

When Print Checks by Bank Account flag is checked on the Fund Accounting profile, Bank Account is displayed on the Transaction Display screen.

EFIN-64721Bank Account field in Post p-card transactions screen

Introduced a field to populate bank account to be used for creating the Batch payable while posting p-card transactions. The Bank Account will also be used in determining the Cash Account Number to be used for creating the Batch Accounts Payable while posting p-card transactions.

EFIN-64722AP Approval supports profile flag Print Checks by Bank Account

When the Fund Accounting Profile Print Checks by Bank Account flag is checked, the AP Approval process has been modified to create the transaction record with all the required information.

EFIN-65294Accept absence updates from SFE

Whenever there is an absence modification from SFE, then the old records will be deleted and new records with the latest updated information are created in PowerSchool ERP thereby ensuring data consistency.


Fixed AssetThe Depreciation Audit List report Fixed Asset option is modified to support full account format.
EFIN-65989Updates to Batch Receipts Edit Report and Print Multiple Batches

When Print Checks by Bank Account flag is checked in the Fund Accounting profile, Bank Account is added as a field to the Batch Receipts Edit report and Print Multiple Batches.

EFIN-66051No updates from SFE allowed once the attendance is posted

Any updates coming from SFE for an absence which has already been posted will be restricted and an appropriate error message will be raised in the integration error log.

EFIN-66458Purchase RequisitionsModifications were made to include the current approvers for a line item in the approval history window.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-46283Screen Refresh Commands

Removed some of the screen refresh commands that are not required.

EFIN-57804My Dashboard and favorites

When adding/subtracting persona dashboards to/from a user, the user’s favorites were disappearing for My Dashboards. This has been corrected. 

EFIN-59548Check History Report

The radio button on check history report is fixed to allow only one of the toggle options. In addition, the report selection criteria screen is changed to have less clicks.

EFIN-60157Closed project not to be moved to the new fiscal year

The Budget Extract was modified to ensure that closed projects are not moved to the new fiscal year.

EFIN-61731Receivable Batch Receipts

The budget and account code for receivable batch receipts use the budget and account from the receivable record. Therefore, users cannot update the budget and account code for receivable batch receipts.

EFIN-64103Pay Code Button in the Leave Code page

The Pay Code button is disabled until the leave code details are saved and when the leave code details are saved, then the overview page is loaded. The leave code must be searched on the leave code page again to link the pay code to the leave code.

EFIN-64859Update to redistribute payroll screen

Redistribute payroll screen has been updated to prevent the reverting of employee number in the search section.

EFIN-66201Favorite sort in alphabetic order

Favorite menu options now sort in alphabetic order on My Dashboard.

EFIN-66564Acceptable file types for upload

Only the below file types are acceptable for upload and rest all file types are blocked.
.bmp,.doc, *.docx, *.gif, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.pdf, *.png, *.ppt, *.pptx, *.rtf, *.txt, *.xml, *.xls, *.xlsx, and *.tiff

EFIN-66649Support users can login using System Idp

Now support users can login into consortium/on-prem environment by using System Idp.

EFIN-66910The new Leave Status Field accommodates Cancelled Status

The new Leave Status field introduced in the Attendance and Substitute Information screen will show the Cancelled" status when a cancelled status is received from SFE.

EFIN-67254Redistribute Payroll

In Redistribute Payroll, the accept button at the top of the page is now enabled when leaving the result list to go back to the Search Criteria section.

EFIN-67623Student Activities Cash Requirements report update

In Student Activities, when the cash requirements report is run from the Check Request List, the report included all transactions listed on the page. The report has been modified to only display the selected transactions.

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