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October 29, 2021 Release

These changes have been released in Version 21.4.8:

New Features



Release Note

EFIN-64669Changes to Post Payables Screen

When the Fund Accounting profile flag Print Checks by Bank is checked, the user can input the bank account associated with a payable and the Cash Account will be determined also based on the configurations present for that Bank Account.

EFIN-64694Batch Receipt Import supports Print Checks by Bank Account

Batch Receipt Import has been modified to include the bank account in support of the profile option Print Checks by Bank Account.

EFIN-64698Change Payables modified to support Print Checks by Bank Account

When the Fund Accounting profile flag Print Checks by Bank is checked, the change payables displays the bank account associated with the payable and the Cash Account Number will be determined also based on the configurations present for that Bank Account if it is getting changed.

EFIN-64701Batch Manual Vendor Checks modified to support Print Checks by Bank Account

Batch Manual Vendor Checks has been modified to input the bank account number when the Fund Accounting profile option Print Checks by Bank is Check. In addition, the cash account number will be determined based on the bank account table setup.

EFIN-64702Manual Check print supports print by bank account

When the Fund Accounting profile option Print Checks by Bank is checked, the user will enter the bank account instead of the disbursement fund when printing manual checks.

EFIN-64709Changes to Void Checks Screen

When the Fund Accounting profile flag Print Checks by Bank is checked, the user can void checks by Bank Account.

EFIN-64718Bank Account changes for Location Activity

Functionality added to allow Bank Account entry for Payments and Deposits.

EFIN-65912Encumbrance Status Report

Make the input on the Encumbrance Status Report all with one input to ensure that users do not need to click OK three times to run the report.


Styling Changes on all pages to make them easier to navigate

The OK and Back buttons have been updated on all pages to ensure that these buttons will be more prominent. In addition, the outline on the input fields is now darker allowing the user to easily see where data needs to be entered.

EFIN-65990Installer has been modified

The Installer has been modified to report success or failures when rebuilding the schema and creating SQL logins.

EFIN-66392Interfund Clearing entries for Batch Manual AP Checks Post.

Changes to create Interfund clearing entries for Batch Manual AP Checks while posting.

EFIN-67936Validation of the Leave Units as per the Substitute Business Rule Criteria

This validation check is to ensure that the configurations are performed correctly. If there is a mismatch in the units, then a warning message is generated in the integration status logs stating the issue but the record will be created. The admin needs to check the logs once and make the corrections before the actual posting.

EFIN-67948Modification of an existing validation for processing a leave into attendance

When processing a leave as attendance, the system will only check if Leave Pay Code has been mapped with the Leave Code (leave to subtract time from) value. If this is present, then the record will be processed.

EFIN-68625Validate Absence API modification

The validate absence API will now process the section IDs in a sequence for the same reason ID. Previously, it was sending a response for each section only without considering the previous sections.

EFIN-68860Financial Accounting reports modified

The following Financial Accounting reports were modified to display the cash account and not the due to account when Cash Interfund Balancing is turned on:

  • Cash Requirements Report
  • Check Register
  • Manual Check Activity
EFIN-69076Validate Absence API Modification

The validate absence API response will include the pending leaves in the calculation of the leave balances for that SFE Employee.

EFIN-69078SFE Employees to use App Switcher for Leave Information

The Leave Information Link in EAC is no longer visible for SFE Employees. They need to use the App Switcher to navigate to the SFE application to check leave balance and create absences.

EFIN-69078Accepting all statuses in PowerSchool ERP that are from SFE in absence object

When the job status is either Open, Active, Approval Pending, or Stopped, then the leave status will be as pending in PowerSchool ERP. The status “Cancelled” is changed to “Canceled” when checking the AbsStatus field value. If the status is  Finished/Verified and the leave status is Completed, then no changes are required.

EFIN-69689Updates to Post Receipts screen

When the Fund Accounting profile flag Print Checks by Bank is checked, the user can input the bank account associated with a receipt and the Cash Account will be determined also based on the configurations present for that Bank Account.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-47913Fix to pre and pay calculation  exception messages

Update the pre-calculation and pay calculation processing to not write an exception message about reducing the contract limit when the actual update process is not doing it. Currently, the update only happens if the docking timecard is for a job class that exists on the employee’s payrate, but exception message processing is using the primary payrate to report an exception if the payrate is not found for the associated timecard job class.

EFIN-53296Pay Code Reference Table

Fixed the Excel output when printing the pay code reference table to Excel.

EFIN-56526Employee Secondary Positions Reports

Corrections made to excel output on Employee Secondary Positions Reports.

EFIN-57169Scrolling issue in Journal Entry Import has been resolved

The horizontal scrolling issue when importing journal entries has been corrected.

EFIN-57723Workers Comp Reference Table

Removed extra white space between label and search field.

EFIN-57897Highlight selected row in Security Roles

In System Administration > Security > Roles, the selected security role item in the list did not remain highlighted when the user was making a change. This has been corrected.

EFIN-57906Fix to payroll history capture

Fixed field displays on the payroll history capture screen as it did not display data entered or selected by the user. Instead, the screen displayed data saved from the last search.

EFIN-59029Purchasing Defaults and Forms Manager Defaults

When accessing Purchasing Defaults or Forms Manager defaults through an employee in security, default values associated with the reference table are filled without the need for the user to click the find button.

EFIN-60133Grid Display

Correction to the sizing of text in the grid displays to prevent issues such as the timecard screen grid getting truncated.

EFIN-63909Organization Chart Activity Level 

Organization Chart Activity Level on the Student Activity Profile user interface page is now hidden.

EFIN-66450Resolved SQL injection

Resolved the SQL injection issue in the SaveInterviews endpoint of Recruitment.

EFIN-66470Restrict external applicant access in recruitment

An external applicant will be having access restricted only to see the postings.

EFIN-67371Formatting changes to fix payable amount printing.

Fixed the formatting of the batch payable amount to ensure it prints the full stored value of the amount.

EFIN-68106AL - Updated Job Class table to Include Enrollment Information

There are three new options in the Job Class table for Alabama customers:

  • Enrollment Member
  • Enrollment Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • Enrollment Work Units

These 3 options allow the import of these fields from another system.

Enrollment Members must be loaded first.

Each record has a member Id. There must already be a member Id in the system from the Enrollment Member record before you can add the LOA and work units.

The CSV file must be a comma-separated file. It cannot be made in excel with excel headers. This may cause strange symbols to appear in the first record of each file. Using notepad ++ to create the file will fix the issue.

EFIN-68623Posted Time cannot be modified by a manager within Employee Timesheets

Modification made to ensure that a manager cannot modify employee time that has already been approved and posted.

EFIN-68773Employee Access Center default email template updatedReferences to Help Desk Software and Ticketing System for Teams ( have been removed from the default email templates provided with Employee Access Center.
EFIN-69135Leave Bank Object field formats for Days and Hours

In the Leave Bank Object when the Leave Unit is:

  • Days - then the format will be: Decimal values up to 2 decimal places

  • Hours - then the format will be: hhhh:mm

EFIN-69258No Null value in Leave Request status

When the absence payload has only employee information, then the Leave Request Status field will reflect the correct status based on the incoming absence status value. There will not be any null values.

EFIN-69502Page Title on Payroll Calculation Page

The page title now appears on payroll calculation in all cases. Sometimes, it was not appearing on the screen behind the automated payroll backup.

EFIN-69565Substitute Payrate to be considered in the Substitute Rule

Previously, the long-term rules match with the Employee payrate screen and then sent for payrate calculation accordingly.
Now, the Job class and Paycode provided in Long term substitute Rule will be matched in the Substitute Payrate screen, and on success, the job class, Paycode, and payrate both from the long-term rule will be considered in timecard creation.

EFIN-69613Allow more file extensions during file upload

Files with extensions *.dat, *.man, and *.csv can be uploaded without any issues.

EFIN-69628Installer updated for Student Activities

The Installer has been updated to properly install the stored procedure for Student Activities.

EFIN-69921Absence cancellation and leave bank update

When an absence is canceled, then the deducted leave balance will be added back to the balance.

EFIN-70074Location check as part of the Validate API Absence

The Location sent through the validate absence API will be checked in the location crosswalk. As a result, the location mapping screen and the business rule will apply post the location match.

EFIN-70088Sync Data to Unified Talent option

The issue in the integration setup path System admin >Integration > Sync data to unified Talent is fixed and the data is getting synced.

EFIN-70141Cash Requirements Report Check Format select payable entries by bank

The Cash Requirements Check format was modified to correctly select the payable transactions based on the bank account when the Fund Accounting profile option Print Checks by Bank is checked.


Cash Requirements Report Bill List and Due Date were modified

The Cash Requirements Report Bill List and Due Date were modified to correctly select the payable transactions based on the bank account when the Fund Accounting profile option Print Checks by Bank is checked.

EFIN-70143Changes to Unclear Vendor Checks

The Unclear Vendor Checks option now displays the bank account instead of the key organization when the Fund Accounting Profile option Print Checks by Bank is checked.

EFIN-70198Database update script correction when assigning disbursement fund to receipt transactions

When running the database upgrade scripts as part of the upgrade to PowerSchool ERP 20.11, the disbursement fund was not always being set on the receipt transactions. This has been corrected.

EFIN-70203Unpaid leaves will not be shown

The Reason Balance data will not get updated for the excess leaves taken. In PowerSchool ERP, the unpaid leaves will be considered during Time-card creation. The employee will not be overpaid.

EFIN-70380Pending Leave Balance corrected in Attendance screen post cancellation

If an absence is canceled, then the pending leave balance is updated and displayed correctly in the Attendance screen.

EFIN-70464Validate Absence API modification to handle multiple days

When the leave request spans over multiple days with different duration hours, the API will check the total duration hours and send the LWP flag as true if the new duration value is more than the pending balance hours.

EFIN-70484Leave request status field in Attendance and Substitute screen

The leave request status field is displayed in the Attendance screen only for the SFE Employee records.

EFIN-70550Calculation of Balance After Pending

When the leave unit is hours, the calculation for the Balance After Pending has been corrected.
For example, Balance = 100:00, Pending = 7:50, then BalanceAfterPending = 92:10

EFIN-70554MCA - Reports panel issues resolved

The reports panel issues have been fixed and the reports are available.

EFIN-70572Only completed leave records to be posted

The leave records will be posted only if they have the status as completed.

EFIN-70830Changes to Batch Receipts Screen

The Bank Account field will be hidden when the Print Checks by Bank Account flag is not set.

EFIN-70937Validate Absence API modification to check insufficient balance

LWP warning will be sent as true when there is no sufficient leave balance in the leave bank.

EFIN-71114Precision value for the hours calculation

The value in format hhhh:mm received from the absence payload for Absence Duration and Absentee Total Work Hours will be converted to minutes first before the hours to days calculation. Then, the value obtained by dividing Absence Duration with Absentee Total Work Hours will be considered up to 4 decimal places with rounding. (for example, 0.45865989 -> 0.4587).

Federal Reporting

The following issue has been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-64636CRDC - Modified Load for 2020-2021 Reporting Period

We have modified the Civil Rights Data conversion LOAD to create the mandated information for the year 2020-2021 reporting. It will calculate the FTE information based on the employee check history information for locations. The process for the Load remains the same, and only data needed for this year is loaded.

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