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March 2022 Major Release - 21.4.16

These changes have been released in Version 21.4.16:

New Features



Release Note

EFIN-76894Check Number and Check Date Positioning on Payroll ChecksPayroll Check programs modified to use Check Number and Check Date positioning configurations from Forms Manager.
EFIN-75073Add Copyright and Privacy Statement Link to Vendor PunchOut login pageThe Privacy Statement link is displayed after the copyright statement on the Vendor PunchOut login page. When a user clicks on the privacy statement link, the PowerSchool privacy link page opens.
EFIN-74801Interfund Changes for Enhanced Trial Balance ReportEnabled the functionality to display Interfund Accounting transactions also in Enhanced Trial Balance Report for instances where the Interfund Balancing flag is enabled.
EFIN-74800Interfund Changes for General Ledger Transactions ReportEnabled the functionality to display Interfund Accounting transactions also in General Ledger Transactions Report for instances where the Interfund Balancing flag is enabled.
EFIN-71888Bank Reconciliation Summary Report is enhancedBank Reconciliation Summary Report is enhanced to have the fees and interest that are posted to the current period included in the variance to the GL Balance when fees and interest are posted through bank reconciliation.
EFIN-71708Interfund changes for Payroll Register ReportChanges to have Interfund Accounting entries also displayed in the Payroll Register Report for instances where Interfund Balancing flag is enabled.
EFIN-70993Full Account changes for Trial Balance ReportEnabled the functionality to display the accounting records in the full account format for Enhanced Trial Balance Report in instances where Full Account Format is enabled.
EFIN-70992Full Account changes for Ledger Transactions ReportEnabled the functionality to display the accounting records in the full account format for General Ledger Transactions Report in instances where Full Account Format is enabled.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-78245Organization chart remove default for Disbursement Fund

When adding a new fund record (level 1) to the organization chart, the disbursement fund will no longer be assigned a default value. Users will need to enter the disbursement fund. because they did not confirm that the appropriate value was assigned as the default.

EFIN-78216In Batch Accounts Payable the ledger type label was missing  In Batch Accounts Payable within the Charging section, the Ledger Type label was missing. This has been corrected.
EFIN-77866Fixed fatal error when looking up Substitute Information

Fixed a fatal error that occurred when looking up Substitute Information within Attendance. The error was caused by an error in the SQL syntax of the query.

EFIN-77730PCard Import page incorrect field labelThe PCard Import page incorrectly labeled the Bank Data File Path as Bank Data File Name. This has been corrected.
EFIN-77683Budget Iteration Drop Downs

Removed duplicated records from drop-downs on the iteration screens. This fixes the checking of the boxes.

EFIN-77629EAC Direct Deposit Account Type now displays correctly

The Direct Deposit sections now display the proper Account Type in EAC when the type is “Savings”.

EFIN-77222Expense Details Screen Updates

The following updates have been made to the Expense Details screen:

  • The Name field will be populated with both the First and Last name.
  • A new Vendor Number field will be displayed.
  • Location Field will be populated with the Base Location value from the Employment Information > Employment tab.
  • The Cost value on the Totals line is removed.
EFIN-77145Fixed 'Earnings' section of PDF Paychecks 

In the Employee App, the paycheck display was missing earnings entries when there was more than one entry for the same pay code and amount. The display has been corrected.

EFIN-77144Attendance Pending Leave Balance The Attendance pending leave balance calculation has been corrected and it now displays properly.
EFIN-77078Modifications to Payroll Register Report

Following bugs are addressed:

  • Displaying Original and Reversal transactions in the report.

  • Displaying void payroll check transactions in the report.

EFIN-75796AP check validation fixed to consider system voided checks in subsequent check runs for the entire fiscal year

When looking in the chkstat table for multi-stub checks or vouchers, an incorrect date range was being used. As a result, the check validation worked correctly only in the second half of the fiscal year. The validation is changed to use the fiscal start date as the beginning run date in the chkstat table when looking for the voided check (or voucher) stubs.

EFIN-75401In A/P, do not force the profile cash account to be set up for the disbursement fund

The batch accounts payable and post accounts payable entry are modified to ensure that if the fund is equal to the disbursement fund, an error message will no longer occur if there is no balance sheet record set up for the profile cash account in the disbursement fund.

EFIN-75398Move TLS1.2 enablementMoved TLS1.2 enablement from global.asax.vb to global.asax because some servers IIS were not calling application_start, which was causing EAC What If Calculator web service call to fail.
EFIN-75377Add Direct Deposit to Paycheck Worksheet

Employee Information’s Paycheck Worksheet was modified to add an “Exclude Direct Deposit” checkbox, which is unchecked by default. If the checkbox is not checked, direct deposit deductions (including HSA deductions) will now be included in the paycheck worksheet calculation.

EFIN-75343Substitute charging

Corrected the substitute charging posts to attendance to ensure that the values on the attendance record are used if they exist.

EFIN-75317Project Status ReportsClarifications to the header of the reports.
EFIN-74948Cosmetic issue in ACA Maintenance Screen HeaderCorrected ACA screen header display where extra characters were seen.
EFIN-74409Alignment Issues on Batch AP Edit ListFix Alignment Issues on Batch AP Edit List.
EFIN-74196Attendance preview postCorrected fatal error that was occurring while trying to use employee lookup on the attendance preview post.
EFIN-73395Printing error in Contract type table report.The contract type table record was not printing if the related / associated job class was not present. Corrected now and is able to print all the data without missing.
EFIN-71700ETS Timesheet Posting ErrorCorrected the ordering of the clock in/clock out records to match up to prevent the error message indicating there was a problem posting the time because clock in/out records were missing.
EFIN-71615Photo size issue for TX has been correctedPhoto for Texas districts now displays in the proper size.
EFIN-71494Corrected Handling of Adjustment Checks for Social Security Detail reportAdjustment checks were being handled incorrectly on the Social Security Detail report. This has been corrected.
EFIN-71168Fixed fund titles on detail expenditure status report when printed to excel When the detail expenditure status report was printed to excel, sometimes the fund titles were carried over from the previous row. This issue has been fixed.
EFIN-70616Blank assignment code was being added when processing pending employee details

While adding a pending employee, blank assignment code was being added if users clicked Finish without entering the assignment code. This has been fixed.

EFIN-70493Modified Balance Sheet transaction display to fix debit/credit issue with G/L cash account for receipts

The balance sheet display of transactions is fixed to show G/L cash for receipts (transaction code 24) as a debit when the account is a liability account. Previously both assets and liabilities were showing as credits, which was correct for asset accounts but not for liability accounts.

EFIN-69316ENTER key in Power User mode to move across the columns rather than down the rows

In User Preferences, when the user's Keyboard Mapping is set to P - Power User (Enter = TAB, ESC = OK), if the user was in a page that had an entry type table with multiple rows (such as Budget Entry), pressing the enter or return key moved the cursor to the next row rather than across the columns. This has been fixed to ensure that the cursor will move across the columns first before moving to the next row.

EFIN-68683VPO SPISender to include commodity if populatedVPO SPISender will now send the commodity from the PO if it is populated.
EFIN-68407Set spi_commodity so the Commodity/Classification saves to the databaseThe field spi_commodity is define in the cXML but was missed. This is fixed now. 
EFIN-67903Salary and Deduction ReportThere was an issue where the Local Tax FTD Blank field was not printing on the Salary and Deduction report. This has been resolved.
EFIN-61380Group box and button size PDS issuePDS caused sizing changes, and the full text of a button was not visible because the button size was limited by the group box size. This has been corrected.
EFIN-60417Payout screen was not showing if the records were more than 10Payout screen flashes and closes if employee has more than 10 total active/inactive pay rates. Corrected and now its able to display all the records/payrates.

The way original 20.11 rebuilds the organization views is corrected as it relates to total and fund logic.

EFIN-56129Dynamic Leave Request

Changes made to prevent the Not In Enumeration error on the dynamic leave request.

EFIN-55463Fixed to greyed out buttons on employee information

Employee information screen has buttons like EAC, ETS that are reserved for support to troubleshoot user issues with EAC, ETS and must not be accessible for other users. This update will not show these buttons for any user other than support accounts.

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