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July 9, 2021 Release

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version(s) unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • Version 21.4

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-57712System Messages

If you define System Messages, they will now display for users according to the message configuration.

EFIN-59576Bank Reconciliation

There was an issue where a fatal error occurred when attempting to reconcile records that have a quote in the description. This has been fixed.

EFIN-59836Alabama LEAPS Report - Ability to delete copied crosswalks

Fix provided to allow copied crosswalk data to be deleted for LEAPS report.

EFIN-60951Alabama AEA Educator Benefits Report - Map multiple deductions

Enhanced the Alabama AEA Educator Benefits report to link multiple deductions to the same product code. The following changes were incorporated as part of this modification:

  • Deductions Setup - Allow more than one deduction code to be mapped to Product Code:
  • However, you cannot use the same deductions again.
  • Similar to the Retirement Deductions logic that’s implemented in many places.
  • You can reuse the error message from the Retirement Deductions.
  • Maintenance Screen:
  • Product Code Search Tool - If there are product codes that contain more than one deduction code, they should show only once.
  • Removed Deduction Code from the maintenance screen - Add / Edit Record Panel.
  • Extract:
  • Included the logic that multiple deduction codes can roll up to a single product code.
  • PDF / Excel Changes:
  • Removed Deduction Code / Description columns in both PDF and Excel Reports.
EFIN-60952Alabama LEAPS Report - Race Code Related Fixes

The following changes were made related to the Race Code / Record Lock Feature for Alabama LEAPS Report:

  • The race code is fetched from the State code.

  • Only if the Race is blank or not in the specified list, will it default to 01.

  • Hispanic / Latin: If this is present, then the race code is mapped to 97, and other races, even if present, will not be considered. Also, the Hispanic / Latin field will be enabled as Y.

  • Record Lock: If Lock is Y, ignore the Start Date and Stop Date values and consider the Years and Months as it is for the calculation logic, and no need to update them again.

EFIN-60954Alabama SDE Budget/Financial Report - Combination errors

Removed conditional error logic reporting from the Load Error log and Error report as there are as many as 26336 rows (in the tblComboCriticalAccountProgram tab of the combinations excel) needing review.
The Required fields validation will still be part of the Load Error Log and Final Error Report.

EFIN-61052AL - RSA Contribution Report  - Default Type of Rate of PayAdded a blank option in the type of pay dropdown for the Contribution report, and this defaults when a new record is added from a maintenance screen.
EFIN-61166Alabama Compliance Reports - Consistent Menu Labels 

Menu labels under the Alabama New Compliance reports were sequenced and reworded for consistency. They reflect the following values and sequence:

  • Setup
  • Load
  • Report or Reports (for more than one report option)
  • Purge
EFIN-61484Customer Name Wrapping on Reconciliation Reports

The Payroll Payments Report, Payroll Void Checks Report, and Reconciliation Summary Reports have been modified to display longer customer names in the header without wrapping and overwriting the header on the next line. This was completed as part of the release.

For the release, the Outstanding Payroll Checks Report has been modified to display longer customer names in the header without wrapping and overwriting the header on the next line.

EFIN-61532Student Activities Check Print Issue

There was an issue where the check file was not created when printing checks through Student Activities. This has been corrected.

EFIN-61930Missing Menu Options

In, the menu options for Approvals and Employee Termination were removed. These menu options have been restored.

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