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January 28, 2022 Release

These changes have been released in Version 21.4.14:

New Features



Release Note

EFIN-75703Warning message to inform users when a single Pay Code is associated with multiple Leave Codes

A warning message will be displayed, if there is a mismatch between the Leave Units of the Leave Codes associated with the Pay Code in the below situations:

  • When the Admin is modifying the Leave Unit of a particular Leave Code which is linked to a Pay Code that is further associated with other Leave Codes.

  • When the Admin is assigning a Pay Code (having some Leave Codes associated with it) to a new Leave Code.

The message is to warn the user to check on those other Leave Codes linked to the Pay Code to maintain consistency in the Leave Units.

The message will be displayed if the PowerSchool ERP to SFE integration flag is enabled.

EFIN-74799Service Account Cleanup

The fields, Service Account ClientId, Service account username, and service account password are no longer available in the Workflow config. The Client Id and client secret will be used to communicate with TIBCO.

EFIN-74275Workflow Expiry Limit

The workflow expiry limit has been changed from the present 4 weeks to 53 weeks. This extension will help the Admins to take an action on the workflow item without any time limit.

EFIN-73140Budget Code Validation in Business Rule

The budget code field in the Business rule needs to be entered in full account format. The user is able to select the full account number by using a lookup option. The label of the budget code field will be the same as the Titles Tab under Fund Accounting Profile.

EFIN-73118New Profit and Loss ReportA new report that generates a profit and loss (income) statement including the net position for a specific year. The report also displays Payroll Encumbrances that will be always current. The report can be run to fetch details up to a specific period in an year and for specific accounting distributions. There is also an option to choose the fields on which the report must be grouped when showing the results.
EFIN-43375Feature to manually trigger the halted workflows

Advanced Workflow Tracking is used when the workflow moves to halted state and a user navigates to the screen to do a retry that will start the flow again. Tibco is providing a screen under live apps to retry the halted workflow. It can be accessed in TIBCO by navigating to the below link:
Low Code Apps & Processes > Administrator > Process Administration > Halted Processes

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-76489In Forms Manager the PO watermark flag now only displays for PO forms

In Forms Manager, the PO Watermark flag now displays only for PO type forms. It was displaying for all form types. This has been corrected.

EFIN-76282Set beginning balance to prior month ending balance in bank reconciliationWhen creating bank reconciliation for a new month, the ending balance from the prior month was not loading into beginning balance for the new month. In addition, the fiscal year and month under interest and fees did not always default as expected. This has been corrected.
EFIN-76041Position Control Status Detail sort window update

In the Position Control Status Detail Report, in the sort window, the user was unable to click on the check boxes in the Page column to select/deselect for the page break. This has been corrected.

EFIN-74956Post Receipts

Data entry on screen is retained from one entry to the next when entering a receipt.

EFIN-74726Notification Subscription page defaults notifications to "disabled"

The upgrade script now defaults all notifications to “disabled” during the initial install for new districts.

EFIN-74376Fixed some spacing issues in Budget Entry pages

There was an issue where the totals at the bottom of the page in the Budget Entry pages were getting cut off. This has now been fixed and the totals are now visible.

EFIN-74103Arkansas Redistribution

Fixed the AR custom in payroll redistribution.

EFIN-73483VPO fix for vendor School Specialty

The recent update for TLS support allowed successful communication to be done with vendor School Specialty. This resolved the Unicode character error caused by a GZIP payload from vendor that WINHHTP could not decompress.

EFIN-73217Bank Reconciliation unable to handle interfund

Fixed an issue to handle interfund when adding in missing back-dated checks for Bank Reconciliation.

EFIN-72373PO Printing Attachment Delay

This is set up to ensure that support can add a configurable delay in seconds before the POs start uploading to the attachment database.

EFIN-70502Check status Drop down fixed in 'Outstanding Checks Report' 

The Outstanding Check Report option now works for the Check Status drop-down.

EFIN-68492Updated Power User settings config files

The Number pad Enter key works with power user settings turned on. In addition, both Enter keys work as tab when moving between row items.

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