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January 21, 2022 Release

These changes have been released in Version 21.4.13:

New Features



Release Note

EFIN-75062PowerSchool Privacy Statement link added to Employee Timesheets login page

The Employee Timesheets login page now contains a link to the PowerSchool Privacy Statement that is located after the copyright statement.

EFIN-75060PowerSchool Privacy Statement link added to Employee Access Center login page

The Employee Access Center login page now contains a link to the PowerSchool Privacy Statement that is located after the copyright statement.

EFIN-75059Privacy Statement Link

On the Core PowerSchool ERP login page, the “Privacy Statement” link will be visible below the copyright statement and it will point to

EFIN-74925Payroll liabilities may be tracked in the salary and benefit funds

On the Fund Accounting profile in the Balance Sheet Options section of the System Options tab, a new checkbox is added labeled Use Employee’s Charging Fund for Payroll Liabilities (Not Payroll Fund).” This allows the district to track payroll liabilities in the salary and benefit funds instead of the payroll fund. To use this option, the district must also select the profile option Print Checks by Bank. A single bank account must still be used to print payroll checks.

When the Full Account flag is checked and and Fund Only = “N” and Additional Component for Balancing General Ledger is set and Use Employee’s Charging Fund for Payroll Liabilities is checked, then the liability account numbers for deductions and benefits will be based on the salary fund and the additional component, often the fund source, for deductions and the benefit fund. Also, the fund source for benefits along with the liability account code from deduction or tax table and as many other matching levels as exist.

The cash account used for recording the liability also follows these rules.

The liability charging occurs in the Fund Accounting interface, payroll manual checks, void checks, adjustment checks, and payroll redistribution. This update also impacts the liability and cash accounts for the batch accounts payable entries created during these processes.

The Automated Payroll interface Edit Report and Posting verify that the liability accounts exist in the general ledger.

When using this option, the district must not use the Net Pay option.

EFIN-74705Validate the budget code on substitute timecards created by the SFE integration

When posting attendance records that were created by the SmartFind Express interface, the budget code will be validated when creating the substitute’s timecard record. If an incorrect or null budget code value exists, then the warning message will be displayed in the posting report.

EFIN-74612PowerSchool ERP software updateThe PowerSchool ERP software has been modified to support Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2.
EFIN-74534PDS Wow header implemented

PDS Wow header has been implemented in the following pages:

  • Talent and SFE integration pages
  • .Net pages including Start Page
  • Advanced workflow forms
  • Dashboard
  • Core PowerSchool ERP pages
EFIN-74148Hide Feature Flag for User ManagementThe "Sync User Management" flag will not be visible in the below Menu Path:

System Administration -> Administration -> Integration -> Integration Setup

EFIN-74139Validation of the Budget Code coming from SFE

The Budget Code coming from SFE will be validated. When an incorrect or null budget code value is coming from SFE and if the Business rule is applicable, the charging account based on the account mask will be picked up. If no Business Rule applies, then the charging account from the Primary Pay Rate record of the Employee will be taken. If the budget code value is correct, then the charging accounts will be taken directly from it.

EFIN-73109Bank Reconciliation Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made:

  • The bank reconciliation load has been modified to include payroll checks.
  • New summary report, payroll checks report, and payroll void checks report are created.
  • The Summary at the bottom of the Bank Reconciliation page displays a column to assist in reconciling the bank balance to the General Ledger cash account balance.
EFIN-73074Budget Code Field to accommodate the full account format in Business Rule

When the full account format is enabled, then the Budget Code Field in the business rule will accommodate the full account format of up to 45 characters.

EFIN-73008Account Number Display in Attendance and Substitute Screens

The Full Account Number is displayed in the account number fields on the attendance/substitute screens in the format specified in the Expenditure ledger Translation.

EFIN-73007PowerSchool ERP to SFE API supports full account format in the Integration with SFE

The Account number coming in the SFE Budget Code Object will be in the Full Account Format as per the Expenditure ledger.

EFIN-71812Bank Reconciliation Summary Page include fees and interest in the GL Balance variance calculation

The Bank Reconciliation Summary Page includes fees and interest in the GL Balance variance calculation as unposted interest and fees that results in changes in the GL balance.

EFIN-71704Cash Account Check for Payroll Fund Accounting Interface

Removed the error message that the cash account does not exist from displaying on screen while creating vendor batch liability payment creation.

EFIN-70991Full Account Structure enablement for Open Payables Report

The Open Payables Report is enhanced to display the Account in Full Account Format for instances where Full Account Format is enabled in the profile.

EFIN-67597Ledger Transactions Report with Full Account Structure Enabled

General Ledger Transactions Report displays the General Ledger, Expenditure, and Revenue accounting transactions for a date range and other search criteria provided.

This report displays the Account in the Full Account format for instances where Full Account is enabled in the profile.

EFIN-64715Bank Reconciliation Reconcile process supports Print Checks by Bank option

The “Reconcile” process for Bank Reconciliation has been modified to update the appropriate record when the Fund Accounting profile option Print Checks by Bank is checked.

EFIN-64714Bank Reconciliation load process supports Print Checks by Bank flag

The load process for Bank Reconciliation has been modified to select the appropriate record when the Fund Accounting profile option Print Checks by Bank is checked.

EFIN-52361Bank Reconciliation Enhancements

The bank table setup for 20.11 must include the disbursement fund and account(s) plus the fees and interest accounts.

The following features are included:

  • The screen includes the period and year, which is used to pull the GL balance.

  • Payroll checks load in addition to A/P based on the payroll fund and payroll cash in the Fund Accounting profile. This must match bank account set up.

  • Voided Payroll checks load.

  • On the Reconciliation page, checks will come in as cleared if they are cleared in Payroll or Fund Accounting, but users can also clear checks on the reconciliation page as needed. A cleared date can be entered.

  • GL Balance has been added to the summary section of the page.

  • New report options for Payroll, Payroll Voids, and Summary.

  • The Outstanding Payroll Check report has been modified to include an option to run with an As Of date.

EFIN-51792Time card creation for full account format in 21.4 version

The full account number is reflecting correctly in the timecard and the full account number and title are displayed in the report output after posting of Attendance/Vacancy Records.

EFIN-26396Ability to remove the PDF Copy Watermark from the Purchase Order Attachment

A new field, Enable PDF Copy Watermark, is added to the Purchase Order form within Forms Manager flags to allow districts print the watermark on the purchase order attachment. If this flag is unchecked, then the watermark will not be displayed on the purchase order attachment that is created during the Purchase Order print process.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-75210SFE Employees and Substitute Identifier Setup

The SFE Employees and Substitute Identifier Setup page can be updated and saved without any error.

EFIN-74253User view search supports upper case lettersIn Systems Administration > Security > User Views, a user can now enter the user ID in mixed case to search. Prior to the update, users were allowed to search using only lower case letters.
EFIN-74038Student Activities Activity Detail Register Report

In Student Activities, title overlapping issue for Activity Detail Register Report is fixed.

EFIN-73412Fatal error in attendance

Prevented a fatal error about a temp table in the attendance posting and post preview report.

EFIN-73168Absence Updates acceptedThe changes to the absence records received from SFE will be accepted and updated in PowerSchool ERP without any duplication.
EFIN-73081In Student Activities Activity Detail Register Report reset the selection criteria when the report is rerun

When a user ran the Student Activities Activity Detail Register report with a selection criteria and then without exiting, cleared the selection criteria and ran the report again, the second report was using the selection criteria entered for the first report run. This has been corrected.

EFIN-72983Effective Date Changes missing from Human Resources menu

In Human Resources, the Effective Date Changes menu option was missing from the Periodic Processing menu under Periodic Routines. This has been corrected.

EFIN-72887Ability to go directly to the approval page from legacy dynamic leave request approval notification

Within Notifications, when the leave request approval notification contains a link to the Approval page, the link is now active and will take the user to the approval page. In addition, HTML tags within notifications are implemented.

EFIN-72841Budget Preparation Load Expenditure and Load Revenue Iterations modified

In Budget Prep, the Load Expenditure Iterations and Load Revenue Iterations options have been modified to support the flexible account structure.

EFIN-72674Disbursement fund on release/post of batch APWhen posting batch accounts payable even if it appears in your view, check that the disbursement fund exists.
EFIN-72665Identifier 2710 - Display Pending Balance in Leave Bank Information

The EAC Identifier 2710 - Display Pending Balance in Leave Bank Information is made to work to hide/show the Pending Balance Column.

EFIN-72007Error when using certain search criteria in the Expenditure Ledger Audit Trail

The Expenditure Audit Trail can now be run using special characters in the search criteria without getting an error.

EFIN-71276Include more extensions during file upload

When using the the eForms & Tools upload option, the following file types will be allowed for upload:

  • .mp4
  • .tsv,
  • .tdf,
  • .imp
  • .prn
EFIN-70869Program update to fix fatal error in online invoice adjustment billing.

After saving the adjustment, a fatal error occurred during the adjustment billing posting if the invoice had more than 9 line items. This is fixed now.

EFIN-70768Batch Receipt report data alignment has been modified

The RECEIVE header field data on the Batch Receipt report was merging with the data of the previous field, Budget Unit. The alignment has been modified to ensure that there is a space between the two columns to identify data easily.

EFIN-70632Attendance Pending Leave Balance displays proper balances

The Attendance module was modified to properly display leaves in the Pending Leave Balance column.

EFIN-70497Bank Reconciliation Adjustment Entry Comments No Longer Overwritten

The Comments field value on the adjustment entries in Bank Reconciliation will no longer be overwritten with the comment on the previous line.

EFIN-70496The Bank Reconciliation Summary page has been renamed

The Bank Reconciliation report summary page is renamed to Reconciliation Summary.

EFIN-69634Tooltip messages for icons in Dashboard header

Tooltip messages have been added for the icons on the Dashboard header.

EFIN-68278Position Control Status Detail sort window update

In the Position Control Status Detail Report in the sort window, the user was unable to click on the check boxes in the Page column to select/deselect for the page break. This has been corrected.

EFIN-67649Year drop-down option changed to 30 years

The Year drop-down in the Post Cleared AP Checks option now displays 30 prior years instead of 20 prior years.

EFIN-65077The Salvage Value label was misspelled

In the Fixed Assets module, under Communicator > Review, when you selected an asset and then edited that record, the Salvage Value label on the Financial tab was misspelled. This has been corrected.

EFIN-60041Error displayed after clicking on View role members

The rule members will be displayed without any errors when the user accesses the Workflow Group Detail screen.

EFIN-4456Security: Document Exposure via Direct Object References

When a user closes the document configuration page, then the related cookie will be cleared from the browser and the user will be redirected to the login screen of the recruitment application.

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