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December 03, 2021 Release

These changes have been released in Version 21.4.10:

New Features



Release Note

EFIN-64719Student Activities Void Check by bank

When the Fund Accounting profile option Print Checks by Bank is checked, the Student Activities Void Check option will select the check to be voided based on the bank and check number.

EFIN-64716Student Activity Checks print based on bank account code

When the Fund Accounting Profile flag Print Checks by Bank is checked, Student Activities checks will print based on the selected bank accounts instead of the disbursement fund(s).

EFIN-64714Bank Reconciliation load process supports Print Checks by Bank flag

The load process for Bank Reconciliation has been modified to select the appropriate record when the Fund Accounting profile option Print Checks by Bank is checked.

EFIN-28692Forms Manager

Forms Manager has been modified to allow the district to adjust the print position of the check date, check date label, and the check number on the Payroll check.

EFIN-26394Forms Manager modified for Accounts Payable check

Forms Manager has been modified to allow the district to adjust the print position on the Accounts Payable check of the check date, check date label, and check number.

EFIN-69503Personnel Budgeting supports flexible account number format

The Personnel Budgeting module has been updated to support the flexible account number format.

EFIN-71268Installer update for Vendor Punchout

The installer for Vendor Punchout is updated to ensure that the district’s vendor Punchout URL is set correctly in the vendor definition record.

EFIN-70447For Cloud Customer, users can reset expired passwords

For Cloud Customers, when the password expires, users are redirected to the password change page to update their passwords. The Start Page replacement must be enabled for this feature to be available.

EFIN-70304Performance improvement on the dashboard load

Performance improved when the dashboard is loaded for a user.

EFIN-69079In Employee Access Center, SmartFind Express employees redirected to SmartFind Express for Leave information

In Employee Access Center, employees who are set up to use SmartFind Express for absence entry will be redirected to SmartFind Express when they choose Leave Information.

EFIN-68615Reports modified to display the cash account

The following Fund Accounting reports have been modified to display the cash account number on transactions that involve interfund accounting:

  • Transaction Status Report
  • Outstanding Check Report
  • Receipt Activity Report
EFIN-67624Advanced Requisition Workflow allows user to delete denied requisition

In Advance Requisition Workflow, when all line items for a requisition are denied, the user can now delete the requisition.

EFIN-65297Check Reconciliation from file supports print checks by bank

When the Fund Accounting profile flag Print Checks by Bank is checked and the user is marking checks cleared based on a file from the bank, the reconciliation will find the check using the bank account associated with the transaction.

EFIN-58233PowerSchool ERP version displays in user menu

The PowerSchool ERP software release number displays at the top of the user menu.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-72435Invalid error message on Batch Journal Entry Edit Report

The Batch Journal Entry Edit displayed an invalid message “FUND 0010000 NOT ON ORGANIZATION CHART” in some cases. This has been corrected.

EFIN-71656Attendance Fatal Error

No fatal error is reported in the attendance screen related to computing the pending balance.

EFIN-70318Edit Billing and Receipts Locations and EntitiesFixed the error that was reported when opening forms.
EFIN-68417Resolved error when attempting Post Accounts Payable to a PO that has a Closed line

In Batch Accounts Payable post, an error was resolved when the payable is posted to a purchase order that has a closed line item.

EFIN-66848Requisition Locking Up

When looking up a requisition with an inactive vendor, user cannot force change the vendor on the requisition as the field cannot be changed. Users cannot add lines also to ensure that the vendor number remains as it started.

EFIN-64845Advanced Requisition Workflow no longer generating blank emails

Email notifications from Advanced Requisition Workflow were blank. This has been corrected.

EFIN-64599MN EAC Checks

Fixed issues with MN coding that prevents some checks from displaying in EAC.

EFIN-64345EAC Open Enrollment

The EAC administrator can view the list of employees that have not performed the Open Enrollment process. This list also displays employees who are associated with a job class that is not eligible for benefits. Now, when the EAC administrator views the list of employees, the list contains only those employees who are associated with a job class that is eligible for benefits.

EFIN-64242Purchase Order Printing Attachment issue

Fixed the issue where an incorrect printed PO was being attached to an incorrect purchase order.

EFIN-58497EAC Open Enrollment

When counting/displaying employees that have not completed open enrollment, only blocked employees are excluded if they are terminated.

EFIN-57497Issue loading dashboard

Dashboard does not launch when the base URL used to launch Homepage does not match the URL in the Dashboard configuration file. This has been corrected.

EFIN-56251Summary report for Revenue accounts

Added a new report for Revenue budget account that prints right after the expenditure summary report.

EFIN-51292Adjustment Journal

The deduction code is truncated on the adjustment journal to ensure that the title is not truncated.

EFIN-50606Distribution Templates

The distribution template usage on requisitions and purchase orders is fixed. The fix is primarily related to the  rounding issue.

EFIN-71072Fix error when updating employee name values

Recruitment does not allow null name values but Employee Information allows. Fixed the error caused by this discrepancy.

EFIN-71964Batch Journal Entry allows ledger type update

Batch Journal Entry has been modified to allow the user to update the ledger type on the journal entry detail records.

EFIN-71780More Info display for journal entry Transaction Detail updated

The More Info button for journal entry transactions on the display transactions page has been updated to display the journal entry based on the journal entry number and control number.

EFIN-71705Fund Accounting Interface Post results display the complete error messages

The Fund Accounting Interface Post results page now displays the complete error message.

EFIN-71275Bank Transmission/Positive Pay output limited to file

When creating the Bank Transmission/Positive Pay file, the only option for the output file is to create a file. The user can no longer choose to output to the screen.

EFIN-71179Changes to Unclear Vendor Checks

The Unclear Vendor Checks option now displays the bank account instead of the key organization when the Fund Accounting Profile option Print Checks by Bank is checked.

EFIN-71158Advanced Workflows

Modifications are made to ensure that the workflow groups of legacy workflows are not displayed in the Advanced Workflow setup screen.

EFIN-71087Mega menu will now stay open

When an option was selected from the mega menu, the mega menu did not remain open. This has been corrected.

EFIN-67312Advanced Workflow Approval Audit Trail reflect complete approval history

Advanced Workflow Approval Audit Trail has been updated to accurately reflect the approval history when the Approval All option is used.

EFIN-62120Advanced Workflow - Purchase Orders created more quickly when requisition is fully approved

In Advanced Requisition Workflow, an intermittent issue has been resolved that caused a delay in the creation of the purchase order after the requisition is fully approved.

EFIN-72392Vacancy Updates accepted

The changes to the vacancy records coming from SFE will be accepted and updated in PowerSchool ERP without any duplication.

EFIN-70754Budget Unit and Account in Employee Time Entry Screen

Budget Unit and Account is populating correctly in the Employee Time Entry Screen after the attendance has been posted.

EFIN-63843Approval links navigation

When users click on approval links received in email notifications, they are directly taken to the approval page.

EFIN-51615ACA 1095 Advanced Search Capability

We have added the Advanced Search capability to the 1095 Maintenance.

EFIN-67479CRDC Error when Adding Certification Type We have corrected adding a new certification type to the certification type table - Main Menu / Human Resources / Reference Tables / Personnel / Certification Types. The error was caused by a missing Civil Rights Data Collection field.
EFIN-52862Al State Fields added to Pay Code Table Report and Job Class Table Report and Advanced Search

Alabama has several state fields on the Pay Code table and the Job Class Table. They have been added to the corresponding reports and Advanced Searches. The fields added are:

  • Pay Code Table - Payment Reason

  • Job Class Table - Exclude from New Hire 60 Day Rule

  • Job Class Table - RSA Position

Federal Reporting

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-742501099-NEC attachment creationWe released the printing for three 1099-NEC forms per page and discovered that the third one on the page was not created if you create attachments. We have corrected this in the December minor release for versions 19.4, 20.11, 21.4. The correction for 5.2 will be part of the January major release.
EFIN-703121099 Year End - Corrected Zip Code field to prevent character data

During our testing of 1099 processing, we found that the information allowed characters in the 1099 record for the zip code. We have modified the 1099 MISC, NEC, G and INT to provide information if the zip code is incorrect, and to allow entry of 5 or 9 digit zip codes only in the maintenance.

EFIN-68100CRDC Location Management updates

We found issues with the handling of the organization chart level to location crosswalk which we modified this year for the 2020-2021 Civil Rights Data Collection. If was allowing entry of the same organization chart in multiple location table records on the new CRDC tab in the Location Table.

Note that we have completed the release of the 2020-2021 CRDC reporting software. The reporting window will open soon, We will hold a CRDC review in February 2022 for all customers. Please subscribe to PowerSchool Community for more information and notification of the meeting date and time. The session will be recorded and posted when complete.

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