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August 27, 2021 Release

These changes have been released in Version 21.4.4:

New Features



Release Note

EFIN-10037File Management

Users can navigate to view their files from e-Forms and Tools section where a new link called File Management has been added.

Currently, this feature is not available for On-premise customers.

EFIN-12406Password Policy

Site admin can update settings of the password policy for the school district by using Modify Password Policy link in the System Administration module.

Currently, this feature is not available for On-premise customers.

EFIN-56504Application Links

PowerSchool ERP users can navigate to the edge applications by using the Links menu provided in the Mega Menu of the PowerSchool ERP dashboard.

Currently, this feature is not available for On-premise customers.

EFIN-27488Location Activity Accounts

Location activity details register displays the transactions for a select a date range of the Location Activity accounts for which the user has access.

This report can be run from Activity Detail Register Page, Activity Summary Listing Page and Reports Menu option in Student Activities.

EFIN-33203Location Activity Fiscal Summary Report

The Location Activity Fiscal Summary report displays an activity's balance at the beginning of a fiscal year (or period), the total of deposits, expenditures, transfers, and ending balance for a selected fiscal year (or period). The report also allows the ability to select records based upon the location and specific location activity records based upon the Location Activity accounts for which the users are granted access.

EFIN-33728Location Activity by Accounts Fiscal Summary Report

The Location Activity by Accounts Fiscal Summary report displays an activity's balance at the beginning of a fiscal year, the accounts of the location activity, and the totals of their activity for a selected fiscal year up to the selected fiscal period. The report also allows the ability to select records based upon location and specific location activity records based upon the Location Activity accounts for which the users are granted access.

EFIN-34868Student Activity Transaction Analysis Report

The Student Activity Transaction Analysis report displays transactions for the Location and Student Activity combination.

This report is available under the Reports menu of Student Activity module.

EFIN-56258Employee Termination Workflow

The approvers for an employee termination workflow will receive e-mail notifications for a pending employee termination request.

EFIN-56711Employee Termination Workflow

Employee Terminations workflow has non-approver tasks associated with each termination request, which can be marked as completed by the users who are assigned to these tasks in the task mapping screens of the employee terminations workflow in the workflow setup section of PowerSchool ERP.

EFIN-58941Employee Termination Workflow

The status of the non-approver tasks for an employee termination request can be viewed in the detail screen of an employee termination request by the requesters.

EFIN-60222Employee Termination Workflow

The employee terminations non-approver tasks can be set up from the Defined Windows module of the Human Resource Profile of PowerSchool ERP. Page number 30311 allows users to set up the non-approver tasks based on the non-verified and tale-verified fields.

EFIN-63516Budget Preparation

The following Budget Preparation processes and reports are updated to support the full account format:

  • Apply Budget (Expenditure) - Recommended, Requested and Future
  • Move Budget (Revenue) - Requested to Recommended and Recommended to Approved
  • Expenditure Budget Entry Print
  • Revenue Budget Entry Print
  • Edit Revenue Iterations

  • Save Revenue Iterations

  • Load Revenue Iterations

  • Edit Expenditure Iterations
  • Save Expenditure Iterations
EFIN-47347Fund Accounting Reports

The following Fund Accounting reports are updated to support full account number format:

  • Detail Revenue Status Report
  • Revenue Comparison Report
  • Detail Revenue Comparison Report
  • Prior and Current Yr Cash Report
EFIN-64683Fund Accounting Profile

Following flags are introduced to the Fund Accounting profile:

  • Create Clearing Interfund Entries for AP - When checked, it will create clearing entries for interfund entries created during payables Check printing.
  • Create Clearing Interfund Entries for Payroll - When checked, it will create clearing entries for interfund entries created during payroll Check printing.
  • Print AP Checks by Bank Account - When checked, enables check printing based on Bank Account .
  • Display Cash Account Numbers for Payables - Determines whether the Cash Account Number(s) section must be displayed in the payables screens when Print AP Checks by Bank Account is enabled for a district.
EFIN-64896Employee Expenses

The approvers and the requesters of an employee expense can view the approval status and the audit trail for the changes to the employee expenses from the employee expense detail screen.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-51798Icons disappear from header

Icons were disappearing from the page header. This is fixed now.

EFIN-53081Validation check for dependent SSNA validation check is added to ensure that the benefit record cannot be saved if dependent SSN is not in valid format. Alpha numeric is not valid format..
EFIN-53519Encumbrance Status ReportThe Encumbrance Status report formatting is updated to include commas in the Original payments and Change Balance amount columns to make it more readable.
EFIN-55961Tooltip Text UpdateThe tooltip for the Distribution Type field on the Human Resources > Reports > Payroll > Detail Distribution Detail report is updated.
EFIN-56720Contract Setup

Added additional validation to the contract setup to prevent a mismatch between the table and column selected in the setup.

EFIN-58346Budget vs Actual KPIs
On the Dashboard, the Budget vs Actual KPI and the Budget vs Actual by Building KPI, now use the user’s security views.
EFIN-61929AL State Tax Calculation - include Additional Federal Withholding in Calculation

Corrected the Alabama State Withholding Calculation to include additional Federal Withholding for employees who have it.

Note that there are warnings set up in Payroll Pre-calculations and at the end of Calculations if the entire amount of the additional Federal withholding cannot be taken due to insufficient gross for an employee. The following error messages in the calculation log files require action by the person processing the payroll for individuals who have insufficient gross.

In Payroll pre=calculation:


When this message is encountered, before payroll calculations are completed, we recommend that the additional Federal withholding amount be reduced to the amount that could be taken or changed to zero. This will prevent the state gross salary and state withholding from being incorrect.

In Payroll calculation:


This message will appear in the payroll calculation error log. It indicates that the entire additional federal withholding could not be subtracted from the state gross salary, and therefore the state gross salary is incorrect for the indicated employee. To correctly calculate this employee, you must run the Payroll Automated Restore, adjust the employee record(s) for additional Federal Withholding, and rerun the payroll calculations. This calculates the correct state gross salary for the indicated employees.

EFIN-62805Expenditure Transaction Analysis Report

The Expenditure Transaction Analysis report is modified to fix the requisition being attached to multiple card layouts error. The report now selects the highest highest card number layout to select the rest of the data required for the report. The same fixed is applied in the Revenue and Project Analysis report.

EFIN-63158Open Payable Aging Report Updates

The following updates are made to the new Open Payable Aging Report:

  • Display the vendor name and invoice number.
  • Remove entries with zero amount.
  • Remove payable entries that were immediately reversed.
  • Corrected tab order in selection criteria.
EFIN-63997Bank Reconciliation

Changes made to:

  • The way interfund accounts are added to prevent duplicates.
  • The way payroll checks are loaded to prevent duplicates.
EFIN-64434Bank Reconciliation

Correction made to the deposit logic to prevent doubling to ensure that disbursement fund can be set up without the problem of balancing journal entries pulled incorrectly.

EFIN-65193Direct Deposit Load into Bank Reconciliation
The load of a direct deposit associated with an uncleared check from an earlier prior month is prevented.
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